lucky is as lucky is (?)

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yeah, well, the title more or less says it all on several of them level thingys.  i went to the local car wash yesterday to get my new ride washed.  i needed to lay it’s first hand wax down on it’s lovely new skin.  yeah, i lay it on by hand.  myself.  no bleeding buffers.  no bullshit.  all elbow grease.  i can still do it on numerous levels.  um, yeah. 

none the less, the new short looks like a sparkling diamond.  i’ll lay another hand wax on it within a forte night.  that should get me thru the winter.  yeah, baby, your ride gets the same treatment as well.  fear not.

so like i’m at the car wash.  they are taking their sweet time getting my ride inside and washed.  it’s still new so i needed to stand by the back door and make sure nobody stole the fucker.  right?  if they do, i need at least be able to tell the cops what the piece of crap looked like that stole the my ride.  right?  sure.  so i’d been there a bit and i noticed this cd sitting on the bulletin board thingy.  mostly bidness cards but there’s this cd sitting there.

of course i pick it up.  hmmm, the eleventh hour band.  ok.  fine.  a bunch of white guys.  i figure it for punk stuff or maybe even jesus rock.  yeah, well.  like i ain’t looking a gift horse in the mouth.  i took it home with me. 

yeah, i was a bit worried about playing the damn thing.  i mean i found it at the local car wash, for christ’s sake.  just sitting there.  no real idea just as what the hell it was or what was going on.  should i play it on the computer?  or stick in the system in the living room?  or maybe the boom box in the master bedroom?   first play was on the living room system.  it’s on the computer now.  kickin’ ass!!!

yeah, it’s good.  damn good.  punk.  cum mariachi like zappa like horn stuff.  cum speed metal.  cum rock ‘n’ roll.  amazing shit.  speed mariachi as well.  cum snippets of reggae.  i love the fucker.  good shit.  total socal to the vida, dudes.  an amazing marketing idea, gentlemen.  

‘so like maybe we should get somebody to market the cd.’ 

‘fuck no.  we just stick it up at the local car wash and leave it to the rock ‘n’ roll gods.  see, they gonna find us somebody who likes it.’

dudes, it worked.  i found it and i love it.

the eleventh hour band — tom farrar, bass.  david shinn, sax.  justin henry, drums.  sanjay menon, trumpet & lead vocals.  andy carlson, guitar.  i don’t know these guys from adam.

ok.  so the cd kicks it.  pure and simple.  gentlemen, the only trouble i have with the whole bizarre deal is your name.  yeah, jars of clay, ‘eleventh hour’.  plus a bag load of other bands on myspace and elsewhere with the same name.  ok.  then there’s like the speed mariachi punk thing going for you guys which is just amazing.  fuck, dudes.  amazing.  i’m playin’ this one.  a lot.  like in the car soon as well.  loud.

drifting here.  i’m just an old rock ‘n’ roll douche bag with some sorta vague rock ‘n’ roll credentials.  you guys rock.  pure and simple.  a name change might be in the offing though.  like ok.  you are better than any other band of the same name i listened to today.  and there’s a number of them.  but you guys rock way by the fuck far.  pussy crappy stuff was what the other bands of the same name were kicking out.  so sue me.  but you guys are the real deal. 

if you guys want the name you are gonna have to rock for it.  you damn sure do that.  all i can do is write this and say go for it.  god speed, dudes.  you rock.

this stuff comes from off the cd itself.  the eleventh hour band — show info 213 396-****, 909 449-****.  booking info 213 400-****.  then of course,  none of those numbers are in service.  their email address comes back as bogus as well.  a bad joke?  the band already gone where bands go that just don’t quite make it?  some poor fan leaving a copy of their one and only cd at the car wash as a sorta shrine to the band?  i’ve no idea.  it’s sad, dudes, there was something there.  just to bad nobody else realized it.   

even with all that bad juju going for it, the next time you guys play a public venue let me know.  if we ain’t booked, the brown eyed girl and i are there.  yeah, you’re that good.  ok, with the caveat, i need to see an ad for the show in a newspaper or something first.   



3 thoughts on “lucky is as lucky is (?)

    Sanjay Menon said:
    February 8, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    Dude, thanks for the props! Stoked you like the album. Unfortunately the band went separate ways a few years ago due to life issues for some of the members, but it’s cool that the music lived on.

    Mariachi punk. Never thought of that description but I dig it.


    johnhauge responded:
    February 8, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    dude, tres cool you even found my blather. i’d forgotten about the mariachi punk deal but now that i hear it agin, it does work. sorry to hear about the band. but i guess i knew that long ago. hope you’re still kickin’ out some jams. thanks for reading and don’t be a stranger.

    johnhauge responded:
    February 8, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    you know sanjay, i hope you’re still playing music. that cd was and still is pretty damn good.
    no doubt. question, or two…do you know who put the cd up at the car wash? was it you? at any rate, i’m glad i found it. rock on, brother.

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