2008 college football predictions week 3

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i did pretty well again last weekend a very nice 8 for 10(14 for 20 over all).  almost one of those weekends where you go, hmmm, maybe i should take the utility money and toss it down the old betting pie hole.  that would be stupid.  don’t do it.  let’s see what happens this week.  then maybe think about it.  no, that would be dumb as well.  don’t even think about it. 

what is here is what i go by unless there is a big move like there was last week with the washington and byu game from even to 9 points.  in a case like that i’m going with the change and let you know.  it would be stupid to not adjust to a big shift like that.  then of course, i’d have to be aware of it.  fifty fifty in that regard.  let’s rock and roll.

oregon at purdue.  the ducks favored by 8 points.  i predicted the ducks would score 60 points last week and they did.  they rolled easily over utah st.  purdue is another story.  plus the game is at purdue.  i doubt the ducks will come close to scoring 60 this weekend.  although they should still win and cover the points.  take the ducks.  GO DUCKS!!

ucla at byu.  byu favored by 8 points.  the bruins got lucky last weekend as did byu.  norm chow back at byu where he once coached years ago.  can he pull another rabbit or several touchdowns out of his hat for this game?  maybe but byu got the scare of their bcs hunt life last week.  i’ll be very surprised if byu doesn’t win and cover the points.

arkansas at texas.  texas favored by 24 points.  this is my upset game special of the week.  arkansas covers the points.

michigan at notre dame.  michigan up by one point.  it looks like nobody likes either of these teams this year.  trouble still brewing at both schools.  the irish have a new team more or less but they sure haven’t improved much over the off season.  the same goes for michigan.  take michigan to win.  they might even win big.  the irish remain hapless.

iowa st at iowa.  iowa favored by 13.5 points.  another early big rivalry game.  iowa st took care of biz last year.  i think iowa covers and wins this year.

bowling green at boise st.  boise st favored by 16.5 points.  boise st should have no problem again this weekend.  though bowling green has a sorta good team this year.  take boise st to cover and win.

wisconsin at fresno st.  wisconsin favored by 1.5 points.  the big ten’s big daddy comes out west to the central valley of calfornia and is only favored by 1.5 points.  my, oh, my.  take fresno st to win.

oklahoma at washington.  the sooners favored by 20.5 points.  the huskies almost pulled out the win last weekend.  they will at least play well enough again this weekend to cover the spread.  take washington to cover the points and just maybe even win the game.

air force at houston.  houston favored by 5 points.  this one has moved enough to make a difference.  houston is now only favored by 2 POINTS.  nothing else changes.  air force not only covered but won their game last weekend.  they will do the same against houston.  take air force to cover or win.

ohio st at usc.  the trojans favored by 10.5 points.  the game of the year.  or at least the early game of the year.   pundits have been falling all over themselves on this one since last spring when the schedule came out.  it might have been a close game but with ohio st’s reggie, ron, or whoever, small, running his mouth about usc and how usc isn’t a football school…  well, yes, that’s all the trojans needed to ramp things up a notch or three.  not to mention the usc faithful.  local sports talk is all over the situation this week and come saturday the trojans will take care of biz, cover the points, and win.

there you go for week 3.  the oregon ducks and the usc trojans roll along winning and waiting for the real game of the year match up between the two schools later in the season.  just remember, this is for entertainment purposes only.  taking any of this and betting money from your wallet would be stupid at best.  just to set fire to the cash instead.  it would amount to the same thing.  just sit back and enjoy the games and leave your wallet alone.    



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