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i’m just sitting here

listening to the first

and best boz scagg’s lp. 

some more of the that

olden country western

hippy type music stuff

and the blues

cum some nice rock ‘n’ roll. 

ain’t much better. 

a fading late summer sunset. 

a nice vino buzz. 

somebody on the cd player

who can deal it out. 

the first boz lp

sure as hell does that. 

sweet jesus.

duane allman and tracy nelson

plus boz on the same damn lp. 

stuff don’t get much better

music wise. 

just sitting and waiting wise

for what passes for winter

here in the land of califia. 

another of those

turned up jbl evenings. 

cool fall evenings. 

liquid ambers giving it up

to a winter’s death.


indian summer. 

summer’s swan song. 

please, bring it.    

only thing that could

be better

would be having

the brown eyed girl

right here. 

right, now. 

ah, yeah. 

sittin’ on the couch. 

sippin’ some vino. 


fuck, yeah. 

boz on the player. 


can somebody

loan me a dime?



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