2008 college football predictions week 4

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last weeks picks could be considered nothing more than a dark and dismal affair.  a totally insipid 3 for 10.  yes, i know the texas arkansas game was canceled due to ike but i’m taking it as a lose.  just to keep the figures more or less rounded out.  speaking of which, i’m now a paltry 17 for 30.  some of the teams i did pick, did win but weren’t able to cover the points.  there lies the rub and why this venture is for entertainment purposes only.  reader beware.  that being said, time to rock ‘n’ roll.

miss st at georgia tech.  georgia favored by 7.5 points.  miss st looked good last week in their 3 – 2 baseball loss to auburn.  i’m thinking georgia tech can handle st’s defense and manage to win and cover the points.  take georgia tech.

wyoming at byu.  byu favored by 27.5 points.  yes, the cougars made ucla look pretty horrid last week.  yes, the byu boys scored at will.  wyoming has a better team.  wyoming is on probation.  wyoming will cover the points and maybe even win.  this is their early and maybe only bowl game.

lsu at auburn.  lsu favored by 3.  if auburn can find an offense i think they will win and or cover the spread in this game.  if they can’t it’s going to be another long afternoon for everyone watching the game.  take auburn to cover and win.

alabama at arkansas.  bama favored by 9.5 points.  one of the sec’s all time rivalry games.  arkansas had an unscheduled week off.  i don’t think that helped much.  the tide should roll in and win or cover the points.  take bama.  ROLL TIDE!!!

notre dame at michigan st.  michigan st favored by 8.5 points.  despite the irish winning big last week they are back to being an underdog again.  i guess the other michigan is even worse than the irish.  i just don’t see the golden domers winning two in a row against the state of michigan.  let alone michigan st.  take michigan to win and or cover the spread.

boise st at oregon.  oregon favored by 12 points.  if this game was on the smurf turf in boise i’d probably take boise to cover the points and maybe even win.  however, even with oregon’s passing qb, roper, out for the game and maybe 3 more weeks the home town auzten crowd will make up for any deficiencies in the ducks offense.  blount and johnson will roll up some impressive yardage.  the ducks might even roll up some impressive points as well.  yes, a lack luster first half on the road last week not with standing.  push come to shove the ducks can do it.  just do it again this week, gentlemen.  take the ducks to win or cover the points.  GO DUCKS!!!!

utah at air force.  utah favored by 7.5 points.  yeah, maybe if the game was in utah.  it isn’t.  air force not only covered the spread last week but won the game as well in houston.  air force is a force to be reckoned with so far this season.  the falcons soar again this week.  take air force to cover the spread or even win.

florida  at tenn.  florida favored by 7.5 points.  take florida to cover and or win.

georgia at arizona st.  georgia favored by 6.5 points.  arizona st was embarrassed last week in their overtime lose to unlv.  georgia is a better football team than unlv.  can the sun devils bounce back?  can georgia handle scottsdale’s summertime deep fryer temps?  good questions.  yes, i’m stalling here.  take georgia to win or cover the points.

arizona at ucla.  arizona favored by 1.5 points.  this one could be the stinker of the week.  good thing is one of them will eventually have to win the game.  so much for the praise heaped upon the new old coaching  faces at ucla for their game one comeback.  the game against byu was a complete and utter beat down.  is there anything good to say about either of these teams?  so far not much.  take the wildcats to win and cover.  ucla might be hopeless.

there ya go, kids week 4 predictions.  remember if the lines move a bit i don’t care but if they move a bunch and i hear about it i’ll probably change something.  maybe.  the only thing you have to remember is to keep your money in your wallet, just sit back, have a nice cold beverage, and enjoy the greatest game, college football.



2 thoughts on “2008 college football predictions week 4

    Jack Jones said:
    September 17, 2008 at 11:40 am

    Nice work on going through all of the games and giving your thoughts. I’ve added a link to this page as another resource for this week’s game, even though I’m liking LSU.

    johnhauge responded:
    September 17, 2008 at 1:14 pm

    jack, thanks for dropping by, commenting and adding the link.

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