2008 college football predictions week 5

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after a very poor week 3 showing i bounced back to a very respectable 7 for 10 in week 4.  bringing my overall total to a tepid 24 for 40.  i need to bring the stats up a notch or two.  this week just might be the one.  however, that’s what they all say as the house payment slip slides away.  for you, my gentle readers, just remember this is for entertainment purposes only and using what i deal out here to fatten your bankroll would be folly at best.  all that being said, let’s rock ‘n’ roll. 

usc at oregon st.  usc favored by 23.5 points.  the last time the trojans played up in corvallis they lost.  they are fully aware of the booby traps involved up in the land of the beavers.  plus pat riley is a fine coach.
so is pete carrol.  once bitten twice shy as the old song and wheeze goes should be the trojan’s thursday night mantra for the game.  prime time and the only game in town.  pete carroll can almost smell the the bcs title and crystal football.  losing again at corvallis is not an option if he and the boys want to be anywhere near the bcs title game, other than in the stands, come january 8 or whenever.  it’s a bunch of points but the trojans will win and cover the spread.  FIGHT ON USC!!!

mississppi at florida.  florida favored by 23.5 points.  florida should have no problem with ol’ miss.  however, just remember that any team in mississippi is capable of beating any other sec team on any given weekend.  this is my sleeper of the week.  take miss and the points.  miss covers.  they may not win but…

houston at east carolina.  east carolina favored by 10.5 points.  so far i’ve stayed away from the media darling team this year.  it was only a matter of time before they got it handed to them and last week was the week.  east carolina is human after all.  byu on the other hand… but that’s a drift.  houston was supposed to be a giant killer this year as well.  air force did them in.  houston needs this one this week.  take houston to cover and or win.

purdue at notre dame.  irish favored by a hefty 2.5 points.  i guess they are favored as it’s a home game under the shadow of the golden dome.  i don’t see it.  if anyone does let me know.  ok?  purdue should cover and or win.       

minnesota at ohio st.  ohio st favored by 17.5 points.  i have a feeling about this one.  i feel ohio st winning but not by much.  take another visitor to at least cover the points.  take minnesota. 

stanford at washington.  washington favored by 4.  an interesting match-up.  ty’s old school comes into town.  stanford hasn’t shown anything since ty left with the exception of a few stellar performances they have been pretty bad.  you can say the same for ty as well.  things aren’t looking good up in seattle.  the huskies should win this one.  whether or not they will remains to be seen.  take washington to win or cover.

alabama at georgia.  georgia favored by 6 points.  some of the pundits and wags are jumping on bama’s bandwagon.  myself and a few others never got off the damn thing.  probably the best game of the week, kids.  and one not to miss.  though i will.  i’ll be on the road.  it’s road trip weekend for us.  any the ways, take bama to cover the spread and maybe even win.  in the grand scheme of things the proposed black jerseys of georgia mean nothing.  ROLL TIDE!!!   

fresno st at ucla.  fresno st favored by 6.5 points.  the ucla bruins are just a year or two away from going 6 and 6.  yeah, i thought they were gonna do it this year.  quality coaching not with standing.  or maybe it’s the players coach karl collected before his demise.  i really don’t know.  fresno st will embarrass the bruins.  take fresno st to win or cover.

oregon at washington st.  oregon favored by 19.5 points.  does mike bellotti have any eligibility left?  maybe joey h has some hidden away and he can make it to the game.  yes, the cougars look pretty bad this year.  boise st made a statement last week against the ducks.  i just hope the ducks shake it off and play better this saturday.  hold on.  i have plenty of eligibility left.  coach mike give me a call.  an over the hill old guy who played a bit of qb in junior high school, before they realized i couldn’t play the position, is willing and ready to go.  please, ducks, at least cover the spread this week.  take the ducks.  GO DUCKS!!!

illinois at penn st.  penn st favored by 14 points.  another of the schools that look for real this year is penn st.  they should have no trouble with the illini.  take the only other home team of the week to cover and or win, penn st.

another week of insanity.  i’ll be on the road going to see etta james along with tower of power out in the heat of the so calif desert.  hopefully, i’ll get a chance to see a bit of the games.  as for you guys, just remember to keep your money safely in your wallets and things will be fine.



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