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i’ve been clinking around and reading some stuff here and there and it’s gotten me to think about history.  history on a number of fronts.  and the total lack of understanding most americans have of history.  though to be fair, i imagine history isn’t much of a strong point anywhere anymore.

my friend, dfr, sent me some nice photos today.  so my contribution to the history lesson for the day will be, lenny bruce.  yeah, the sick comedian.  you can say what you want about lenny.  sure at times he wasn’t particularly funny just crude and crass.  you could also make the point that maybe if he had been left alone he would have just disappeared off the radar eventually.  his point was made but it just became tedious after awhile.  yeah, so sue me.

of course, i swear like an old soldier.  funny, i was one once.  plus my favorite uncle was always swearing.  but i’ve gone down that road before.  lenny bruce was out there on stage doing it before anyone else could go out on stage and do it.  yes, you could probably go see redd fox back in his early days and get pretty much the same thing lenny was doing.  the difference being redd was probably funnier.  plus the point being, redd wasn’t playing the venues lenny was.  redd didn’t have lenny’s issues.  redd had his own.

i’ve made this statement off and on here in blogs before.  i’m really tired of seeing every other blog space kid’s photo showing them flipping the viewer off.  i suppose they think it’s hip or funny or god knows what.  i’m old and obviously haven’t a clue as to why they think they have to flip everyone off all the damn time. 

point being is they haven’t a clue either.  plus no clue as to just who they should be thanking for going down the tubes before them because he was the first to make a point of flipping folks off.  he went to jail for his actions.  he felt that strongly about what he was doing.  fine.  kids, it was lenny bruce. 

yes, mr and mrs uptight american.  lenny rode the crest of the beat generation right into the slammer.  then he slammed shit into his veins and died early.  early and now more or less forgotten.  just a sorta odd footnote to american and world history.  he’s not the only one.  folks who’ve done more for mankind other than making it possible for kids to flip me off here on blog space.  folks who have come up with stuff that we really need in our daily lives.  we don’t really need to flip folks off.  oh, we might at times while we are out and about dealing with what has become our daily madness but that’s another story.

maybe if kids had a sense of history or a sense of proportion things might be different.  deal is kids never have had a sense of proportion in any regard.  they it least used to have a sense of history.

lenny bruce.



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