2008 college football predictions week 6

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another stellar week last week.  7 for 10.  had it not been for usc’s stumble things would have been better on numerous levels.  over all total is now at 31 for 50.

before i get going and do my usual don’t bet my picks rap i just wanted to say a word about how i pick the games each week.  i pick the games i like before the odds come out.  it’s that simple.  i just go through the schedule and pick 10 that strike my fancy.  some weeks are easier than others picking games wise.  of course, most weeks i’m pac 10 heavy or old wac conference heavy.  my two favorite conferences.  what can i say?

i will say taking what i deliver here to any legal or illegal avenue for betting on games would be stupid or maybe even insane.  yes, i’m doing pretty good most of the time.  but that’s how you get hurt.  don’t be stupid.  this is for entertainment purposes only.

let’s rock ‘n’ roll.

oregon st at utah.  utah favored by 11.5 points.  it opened at 10.5 points. should be an interesting game especially after what the beavers did to usc last week.  mike riley can coach.  if i had a kid or relative who was being recruited by mike riley i’d tell them to go oregon st.  or to where ever ty willingham is or pete carroll or norm chow or mike bellotti for that matter.  though with no home crowd and with the fact of them still probably slapping each other on the backs i’m taking utah with the hope that they have figured out how to stop the oregon st running game.  it’s either that or wait till next year for the utes.  take utah to win and cover the spread.

byu at utah st.  byu favored by 28.5 points.  once again a bunch of points.  i don’t think it matters.  byu and utah are on a mission this year.  no pun intended.  if byu stays focused it’s no problem.  take byu to win and cover the points.

penn st at purdue.  penn st favored by 13 points.  this one might have been more interesting if purdue had done a bit better before coming into this one. joe pa and the boys are another team on a mission.  i’m gonna ride with them until the wheels fall off.  take penn st to win and cover the points.

s. carolina at mississippi.  miss favored by 2.5 points.  just remember i picked miss over florida last week.  well, ok.  the trojans over the beavers as well.  what does it all mean?  the old ball coach will have his hands full down in mississippi this saturday.  take miss to win and cover.

texas at colorado.  texas favored by 13.5 points.  gone are the days when texas colorado was one of those maybe i ought to watch games.  sadly, that is no longer true.  against a gut feeling i’m taking texas to win and cover.

arizona st at california.  cal favored by 9 points.  this ought to be a good game.  ought being the primary word.  if cal doesn’t go into their late november swoon early they should be able to deal with stuff.  although they will play without their star running back, best, this game.  take cal to win and cover the points.

kentucky at alabama.  bama favored by 16.5 points.  the tide is on a roll.  a big time roll tide roll.  yes, kentucky is an improved team over last years model and not to be taken lightly.  point being the game is in alabama.  bama will cover the points and win.  if the game were in kentucky, well, my thinking might be different.  take bama to win.  ROLL TIDE!!! please.

oklahoma at baylor.  oklahoma favored by 27.  big number point spread for the undefeated sooners.  the game is at baylor and it is baylor’s texas vs oklahoma game.  another of the mighty falls.  take baylor to cover the spread and maybe even win.

ohio st at wisconsin.  ohio st favored by 2.5 points.  this is one of those might as well be even games with a slight nod to the buckeyes.  the badgers need to step up for a change and do the right thing and beat woody hayes’ buckeyes.  ah, sorry.  old pac 8 vs big ten grudges die hard, folks.  take wisconsin to win or cover.

oregon at usc.  usc favored by 16 points.  the humiliated trojans will make their return against the ducks a sad day for duck fans everywhere.  myself included.  though i predicted back in may the trojans would win this game.  i’m still saying it.  the pete carroll deer in the headlights look will be gone this saturday night.  count on it.  unless coach mike has come up with a 5’6″ speedy running back this past week i don’t see the trojans losing or not covering the points.  yes, of course, the ducks have the two stellar running backs.  usc has a stellar defense.  it’s a home game for the trojans.  the trojans (almost) never lose to good teams at home.  take usc to win and cover.  

alright.  there ya go.  this weeks picks and the season is till young.  lots more fun coming down the college football pike.  plenty of surprises as well.  just leave your wallet alone and safe in your pocket.  don’t get stupid.



2 thoughts on “2008 college football predictions week 6

    jrwojdylo said:
    October 1, 2008 at 12:23 am

    I always agree picking games each week. I will never actually bet money on it, but I do like to prove that I can pick well. This year I am 29-19 which is documented on http://www.ibetyoufivebucks.com

    Overall, I pick based on how I feel as I follow college football religiously!


    johnhauge responded:
    October 1, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    picking games is always a fun deal. thanks for dropping by. i’m going 10 for 10 this week. lol.

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