the summer of our discontent

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yes, once again i steal one or sorta steal one from steinbeck.  what can i say?  other than it fits here and there in the so calif summer that just refuses to die.  as to whether or not this blog makes any sense remains to be seen.  

seems like every year this time i’ve just about had it with summer and the fucking triple digit temps lolly gagging around and over so calif or the mojave desert or sonora desert of the southwest.  sure, it’s more or less normal for this time of year but the older i get the more i wish it would just get the hell out of the way of more tepid temps and tons of cold rainfall for my native state.  the last is always a hope of mine for this time of year, as well.  remember, i grew up here when agriculture was still the cash cow in socal.

drought remains king here in the land of california.  if things don’t change and change soon the state motto should be changed from: eureka!; to: you don’t miss your water till the well runs dry.  yeah, it’s a line from an old blues song.  my favorite version is an old one by taj mahal.  i’m sure you can find a version of the tune on youtube if you are so inclined.

summertime and discontent.  discontent with summer and the stuff happening this summer.  a double sorta whammy.  first off we have tweeledee and tweedledum running for office.  the tweedle is interchangeable in either case.  to paraphrase my canadian friend john’s latest blog, canada and the us of a are about to elect idiots to the highest office of each land.  a sad state of affairs if there ever was one.

to make matters worse we are in the middle of the banker, politician created financial mess.  greed heads abound.  greed is bi-partisan.  when the whip comes down you won’t see any of them in the soup line with you.  oh, they may show up to ladle you your bowl of gruel to show you that they feel your pain and really really really do give a fuck about you.  deal is they rolled up in a hmmer or a town car with a driver/bodyguard.  you on the other hand, will have rolled up some newspaper and stuck it in your shoe so you could walk a few miles to the nearest soup line.

they will go home after the ladling to some compound surrounded by a nice wall with broken glass and razor wire cemented into its top.  plus a platoon of mercs to insure no riff raff gets within shooting range.  yeah, the ones that want to ban guns will be using them on anyone who gets with in range of one.  count on it.  yes, i’m a pessimist.  big deal.  your point? 

i suppose my biggest fear in this continuing summer of my discontent would be something like what really did happen in one of my long ago lifetimes.

i was in south vietnam during that fracas.  we, in the military, were paid in mpc or military payment currency or some sorta gobbly goop.  i forget exactly but that’s not the point.  at some point or another the politicians decided that the current mpc being used was getting into too many of the locals hands.  i suppose even charlie got his mitts on some as well.  though i doubt you could buy many arms with the stuff in poland.  greenbacks on the other hand were another story or blog.  and i’m drifting like a banshee here but i may reel it in.  maybe. 

so.  we were told that the deal was gonna go down on a certain day or maybe not.  like i said it was a lifetime ago.  at any rate, we sorta knew it was gonna happen. 

the day the deal went down our small macv compound was locked down.  as was every other military camp in south vietnam.  we all lined up and handed over our old mpc and were in turn given new mpc.  the old stuff was then totally fucking useless. 

we had some local vietnamese as workers on the compound.  they, of course, stood outside the wire watched and waited with sad looks on their faces.  a few tears as well.  they had just become penny less or much much poorer.  sure they still had a job but nothing in the bank, as it were.

perhaps some of you see where this is going.  point is, we at some point are gonna be those hapless vietnamese if the greed heads and politicians don’t stop being self serving greedy ass holes.  count on it.

today’s pessimism was brought to you by dow chemical co and their subsidiaries the makers of agent orange. 



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