just voices in the night

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it’s still very early here in so calif.  several more hours until day breaks. quiet and cool.  summer’s blast furnace is gone for a few days.  though more 90 degree days to come in the near future.  or so they say.  summer’s discontent still waits.  like the navajo’s coyote. 

i’m really not sure where this one will end up.  it may not even see the light of blog day.  that would indeed be a rare occasion.  the only ones that don’t seem to see light are private emails to old friends that were some sort of drunken insanity and i don’t think i need to send them into the other ether and blogdom.  so far cooler heads have prevailed in that regard.  so far.

in case you ain’t noticed things have changed here in the land of america and the whole world.  not good things either.  angst runs rampant and folks are concerned.  as well they should be. 

i’ve been a gun owner for a number of years.  at one point, for a number of years, i was a bird hunter.  dove and pheasant.  read some wildlife management essays before you yell at me.  of course, they were eat what you kill game hunting experiences.  as they all should be.  and only in season and i’ve already run off the damn tracks.

gun owner.  yeah, i’ve owned a few.  several of which were stolen in a burglary a number of years ago.  angst and pessimism abound.  i still have the long goose gun and a .357 magnum.  neither of which are really good for close in, insanity.  the goose gun is unwieldy for close quarters as it’s to long.  plus, even with the game hunting plug removed, it’s only good for 5 shots.  the .357?  if i miss i might nail somebody 3 blocks away.  not a good thing.

i needed something short and light for close in stuff at way the fuck oh dark thirty or even daylight madness.  something that wouldn’t kill neighbors by accident.  a nice short barrel pump 12 gauge seemed to be the answer. 

i went gun shopping.  some nice 9 shot short barreled 12 gauges are out there.  i didn’t care for them.  i had one years ago.  it was one of the guns that got ripped off.  that one was light and easy to wield.  the current crop aren’t to my liking.  they are heavy and hard to turn or wield.  what’s a poor boy to do?

um,yeah.  a nice even shorter double barreled 12 gauge number.  yes, lack of ammo in reserve but it’s lightweight and maneuverability trumped that issue.  it reminded me of the old M-79 of my nam days.  that lightweight 40mm grenade/shotgun/canister/launcher that i knew and loved.  a simple easy and foolproof fire support piece or direct fire piece if there ever was one. 

the short double barreled, western ‘coach gun’, or ‘scatter gun’, 12 gauge will rest comfortably with number 3 or 4 bird shot in each chamber.  ready and waiting for a fire mission.  no warning shots.  no shots fired into the air.  no.  it’s only purpose will be to kill if necessary.  that i assure you.

yes, of course, the horror of it all.  the man is a wacko.  not really.  not in these times.  these perhaps end of times.  there are perfectly normal folks out looking to buy more arms these days.  count on it.  because they are.

maybe i’m wrong but when you hear things from more normal folks and their bumper sticker talk, like, ‘i may not be the first one to pick up an ak-47 but i will be the second.’ or perhaps my current favorite and one that was coined just yesterday, ‘team tienanmen’.  spooky stuff to be sure.  just voices in the night.



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