2008 college football predictions week 8

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another abysmal week last week.  3 for 10 bringing my over all total to 35 for 60.  still over 50% but on the other hand vegas isn’t ringing my phone off the hook looking for me to handicap games.  though in my favor if it wasn’t for the damn point spreads i’d be a good 80% easy.  or at least i’m thinking that.  maybe someone will run the numbers for me.  i’m not.

at any rate, this is for entertainment purposes only.  taking my pathetic numbers out to some good fella or vegas would be stupid at best.  that is unless you enjoy losing your money and not paying the rent or whatever.  don’t be stupid.  that said, let’s rock ‘n’roll.

florida st at n carolina.  florida st favored by 10 points.  perhaps a good game.  that remains to be seen.  n carolina just might cover the spread but i’m still taking florida st to cover and win.

byu at tcu.  depending on who you go by this one is byu favored by 1 point or even.  at any rate, it should be a barn burner and sadly one i’ll miss.  byu takes their bcs busting mission into tejas and another religious institution.  hello.  st peter?  who’s your pick?  i’ve been riding byu’s mission all season so far and i see no reason to stop now.  take byu to win.

kansas at oklahoma.  oklahoma favored by 19.5 points.  both schools had some trouble last week.  the sooners need to step up this week.  i think they will.  take oklahoma to win and cover.

mississippi at alabama.  bama favored by 13.5.  of course, the pundits don’t like bama.  none the less they had a week off last week.  coach lou has had a week to get ready for the up setters from ole miss.  game in bama.  the tide, rolls, wins, and covers.  go bama.

usc at washington st.  usc favored by 43 points.  good lord.  i don’t know.  43 points.  a road game to the pacific northwest and tommy trojan has had some trouble there over the past few years.  to many points for me.  the trojans will win but i think washington st will cover the points.

ohio st at michigan st.  ohio favored by 3.5 points.  an early bowl game for the spartans.  take michigan st to win or cover the points.

missiouri at texas.  texas favored by 6.5.  i’m sorta surprised texas isn’t favored by more.  i’ll take it though.  texas to win or cover the spread.

michigan at penn st.  penn st favored by 23.5 points.  well, so far michigan turns out to be the hapless past power house this year.  beating out notre dame and ucla for that dubious honor.  it’s almost a bunch of points but joe pa and the nittney lions are big time bowl bound this year.  count on it.  take penn st to win and cover the points.

cal at arizona.  cal favored by 2 points.  it’s still HOT here in the southwest.  it’s almost november, time for cal to begin their november swoon and adios any decent bowl game chances.  arizona steps up and wins or covers the spread.  

stanford at ucla.  ucla favored by 2.5 points.  the bruins are playing well since a faulty fitful start.  with any luck at all they will win and cover the spread.  take ucla.

there ya go another weeks adventure into college football madness.  just remember to keep what’s left of your money in your 401-k or your wallet and things will be just fine.  don’t get stupid.



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