2008 college football predictions week 9

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time again for my college football predictions.  your one stop shop for a game you like.  last week i managed a semi respectable 6 for 10 bringing my over all total to 44 for 80.  sorta shabby but what can i say?  just remember this is for entertainment purposes only and what i say here is borderline madness.  though i do come up with a good pick or two each week.  the problem being which ones?  there’s the rub.  lets rock ‘n’ roll.

auburn at w. virginia.  w. virginia favored by 3 points.  the thursday night game.  i’ll be watching and drinking hawaiian ale.  auburn has a shot at this one.  good thing it’s in virginia.  take w. virginia to win and cover.

boise st at san jose st.  boise st favored by 7.5 points.  the friday night game.  i’ll be watching the local high school on fox’s prime ticket.  the upland high school football team is ranked in the top 100 high schools in the nation.  they are probably going to run the table this year.  but what about boise st?  for some reason they aren’t favored by much.  i’m taking san jose to cover the spread and maybe win.

texas tech at kansas.  kansas favored by 2 points.  pretty much a toss up and the red raiders will cover and win.  take texas tech. remember to visit the vietnam archive at texas tech university on-line.

alabama at tennessee.  bama favored by 6.5 points.  if tennessee ever needed a win this one is it.  they have nothing to lose.  another unbeaten falls.  take tenn and the points.  yes, i know bama fans i’m one as well.
i maybe wrong but i don’t think so.

oregon at arizona st.  oregon favored by 4.5 points.  the ducks come out of the cold and auzten stadium for a must win game.  i’m thinking the sun devils rain on the ducks.  take arizona st to win or cover the spread.

ucla at cal.  cal favored by 17 points.  after cals ‘el foldo’ last week the pundits still give them a basket of points to cover.  cal is over again this year.  they just started a couple of weeks early.  the bruins are playing well.  not stellar but good enough to cover the points and maybe win.  take ucla.

oklahoma st at texas.  texas favored by 12.5 points.  yes, texas is the new darling of the college football world.  fine.  take the cowboys of oklahoma to cover the points and probably even win the game.  

penn st at ohio st.  penn st favored by 2.5 points.  a nasty road game for penn.  plus its a must win for them.  ohio st is a much better football team than the one usc beat early in the season.  the buckeyes home crowd is the deciding factor here.  sorry joe pa, take ohio st to win this one.

notre dame at washington.  notre dame favored by 11.  charlie and ty meet in seattle.  ty is probably a goner.  sad but true.  if he ever needed to win a game its this one kids.  count on it.  i’m banking on ty and the huskies to cover and maybe win this one. 

usc at arizona.  usc favored by 16.  this one is my saturday night action.  arizona coming off a thumping of the cal bears and the trojans coming off a scrimmage with the cougars.  this one should be a good game.  it might be to many points for the trojans but if sanchez is on they will roll.  take usc to win and cover.

there ya go.  this weeks picks.  leave your wallet alone and nobody gets hurt.  simple words to live by.  capice?  enjoy the games and your weekend.



2 thoughts on “2008 college football predictions week 9

    Jesse Wojdylo said:
    October 24, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    Alabama, Ohio State and Notre Dame, you are the first person along with me I have found taking Ohio State; I like it that way!!

    Jesse W.

    johnhauge responded:
    October 26, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    well, its to bad things didn’t work out. lol. the nature of the game!!

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