hank, willie and bob

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just about the end of the baseball season.  its also just about halloween.  i find it hard to bring myself to handle that sad sorta reality.  well, it really isn’t a sorta reality it sadly is reality.

money driven madness reigns king in sports.  all sports.  a sad thing to be sure.  a once almost pristine game of summer and youth has been over taken by a pathological idiocy to wring every demented dollar they can from the once grand game of baseball.

thankfully, i have the brown eyed girl and she looks out for my tv interests among other things.  she tivo’d the bob costas hbo show yesterday with hank aaron and willie mays for me.  i was in ecstasy while watching the hour long show.  at times also in tears.

ecstasy because my two all time favorite players were talking about baseball.  baseball and what it used to be.  that’s where the tears came in to play.  i saw willie and hank play the game live and in person.  the first time i saw willie live was back when the dodgers played their games at the l.a. coliseum.  yeah, it’s been a number of years.

its been a number of years since both of those man boys played the game.  man boys?  yeah, baseball is a game for boys played by men.  men who really haven’t given up on youth just yet.  willie mays is 77 years old and he still can’t give it up.

the pure grace and ballet moves of those two men are what baseball is all about.  sadly, long dead baseball.  you stick the two of them up on a stage and let them talk and answer questions then throw in some old b/w clips of the two of them and i’m gonna well up.  well up and wipe my eyes  because of my memories of their joy, grace, and style when they played the game.

two living legends.  bigger than life legends.  two grand old men of baseball.  real gentlemen.  role models from long ago and a different time and place.  but still alive and well in my memories of summers past.

my guess is the world series will end tonight.  just a few days short of halloween.  probably around midnight east coast time.  much to late for the next boys of summer to still be up and watching the boys game played by men.



2 thoughts on “hank, willie and bob

    Sports News » Blog Archive » hank, willie, and bob said:
    October 27, 2008 at 7:53 pm

    […] random weirdness added an interesting post on hank, willie, and bobHere’s a small excerpt … money driven madness reigns king in sports. all sports. a sad thing to be sure…. […]

    johnhauge responded:
    October 27, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    thanks for reading and the link as well. jmh

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