2008 college football predictions week 10

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before i get rolling on this weeks picks i’d just like to say, in case you missed it, ty willingham is resigning as the washington huskies head coach at the end of the season.  ty is a good coach and a decent man.  he’s had some trouble with his last two jobs.  more than likely goofy rabid big money alumni that are more inclined to want wins and bowl berths than have a coach that actually cares about the kids, their grades, and the rest of their lives after football.  i wish him only the best and i hope he stays in div 1 football.  the kids need him.

last weeks picks were just abysmal.  another 3 for 10. ouch.  though the lonely three wins were pretty stellar ones.  virginia, texas tech, and oklahoma st.  any the ways i’m now 47 for 90.  still hanging on to 50%.

just remember these picks are for entertainment purposes only.  anyone dumb enough to use what i dish out here deserves whatever happens to them.  time to rock ‘n’ roll.

iowa st at oklahoma st.  oklahoma st favored by 30.5 points.  this could be a good game.  iowa st is capable of being a giant killer on any given saturday.  it’s a ton of points.  good thing the game is in oklahoma.  the cowboys win and cover the spread.

missouri at baylor.  missouri favored by 20 points.  i haven’t been impressed by missouri this year.  baylor is so so. game in texas so i’m taking baylor to cover the points.  they may not win but they will cover.   

auburn at mississippi.  ole miss favored by 6.  despite auburn looking sorta good last week ole miss will win and cover the spread.

tennessee at s carolina.  s carolina favored by 6.  tennessee is in a tail spin.  will they ever pull out of it?  take s carolina to win and cover.

florida at georgia.  florida favored by 5.5 points.  some pundits have florida going to the big dance.  i’m not so sure about that.  georgia spoils stuff and wins out right.

washington at usc.  usc favored by 43.  yeah, that’s not a typo.  a ton of points.  sanchez looked and played like crap last week.  though the trojans pulled out a lack luster win.  usc play calling was borderline insanity.  ty comes into to town with nothing to lose.  damn, this is a tough one.  usc wins and covers.

nebraska at oklahoma.  oklahoma favored by 21.5 points.  this will not be an easy game for the sooners.  gut says nebraska will cover and maybe win.  take nebraska and the points.

oregon at calif.  cal favored by 3.  my beloved ducks are still sorta floundering around this year.  that’s what happens when the bad qb juju hits your school.  cal on the other hand got sorta lucky last week against the bruins.  a few passes gone the other way and i think cal might have lost the game.  oregon goes to cal and wins this one kids.  take the ducks.  GO DUCKS!!!

kansas st at kansas.  kansas favored by 11.5 points.  big rivalry game and anything can happen.  kansas at home should win and cover the points.

texas at texas tech.  texas favored by 6 points.  this is the biggie of the weekend regardless of what the sec honks have to say about it.  take texas tech to cover the points and probably win the game.  also remember to visit: http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/

that’s it for this week.  just remember to keep your wallet in a safe place and nobody gets hurt.  capice?  enjoy the games.

i’m going on a 10 day road trip starting this weekend so i may or may not do my week 11 and 12 predictions.  things remain to be seen.



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