(early) 2008 college football predictions week 11 (early)

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since i’m off on the road trip for the next week or so i’m putting up my predictions for week 11 of the college season early.  i suppose at some point next week i could probably hack out the picks but i figure on being way too hung over most of the time to deal with anything other than just trying to make it through the day and the beginning of the next round of wanton drinking.  if you get my drift.

in that it’s early there are no odds yet for week 11.  so in lieu of them, i’m just picking a winner in the most predominate games.  or at least ones that have some sort of something going for them in the bcs bowl stuff regard.  this might even help out with my over all average since i don’t have the spread to mess with me.  yes, of course i’ll be counting these picks in my average.  it’s my party and i’ll do what i want.

just remember this is for entertainment purposes only and using any of this info to squander your money needlessly in vegas or some steamy alley would be stupid at best.  especially since we don’t even know who’s won this weekends games (week 10).  these picks might be a crap shoot at best.  or maybe not.  let’s rock ‘n’ roll.

tcu at utah.  a killer game in the making here.  some folks will be lucky enough to see it on the tube.  me?  no idea.  tcu’s defense against utah’s offense and their shot at bcs bowl busting.  i’m going with utah here.

oklahoma at texas a&m.  if i had some points on this one i’d probably go with texas but since i don’t i’m taking oklahoma to win.

oklahoma st at texas tech.  a great game and not on the tube as yet or maybe it will only be on in texas.  regardless, if you can watch this one do so.  i’m taking texas tech.  remember to visit: http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/ 

utah st at boise st.  boise st needs this one to stay bcs bowl alive.  i’m taking boise st.

alabama at lsu.  another great game with lots of things going for it.  just how things work out depends somewhat on what happens this weekend with the tide.  IF bama is still unbeaten then i think lsu will win this one.  what the heck.  lsu wins it.  yeah, i’m a tide honk but i don’t think it’s their year.

baylor at texas.  texas wins it.  however, at some point they will take a loss and help the trojans out.

oregon st at ucla.  interesting game here kids.  no tv as yet.  oregon st needs this one to remain in the rose bowl hunt.  usc needs somebody to beat the beavers but probably not ucla.  yeah, convoluted bsc gibberish to be sure.  i’m taking oregon st.

cal at usc.  the abc 5pm pst time game.  i will be watching this one.  or at least that’s the game plan so far.  usc wins it.

notre dame at boston college.  the big time catholic schools go head to head.  charlie and his troops need this one to go bsc bowling.  though the irish do have some weird set-ups with several of the bowls.  trying to figure them out is really not worth it.  what happens happens.  i’m assuming this one is on the tube but i don’t see it.  nbc?  i’m taking boston college here folks.

penn st at iowa.  the pundit rumor mill already has joe pa and the penn st boys taking one in the shorts this year with the bsc crapola.  though that remains to be seen.  there’s always at least one school getting hosed by the bsc every year.  to bad it might be an unbeaten penn st this year.  iowa can spoil stuff but not this time.  take penn st to win.

there you have it, my early picks for week 11 of the 2008 college football season.  leave your wallet and money alone and you’ll do just fine.  i’ll still be on the road trip.  see ya when i get back.



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