2008 college football predictions week 12

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now that i’m back from my long road trip i guess i’d better update my pick stats.  for week 10 i was 6 for 10.  not to shabby at all.  for week 11 i was 9 for 10.  pretty damn good but those picks were just based on my thoughts on who would win and no points.  pretty much any douche bag could go with those numbers on any given week if he follows the game.  the rub is the point spreads.  at any rate, i’m now 62 for 110.  pretty good numbers.  i’ll be going back to picking teams based on the spread for this weeks picks now that i’m back home.

however, before i get to it just remember that using any of the insanity i toss around here and taking it to the bank or whoever with the delusional idea you are gonna score big is stupid at best.  that being said, let’s rock ‘n’ roll.

cinncinnati at louisville.  cinncinnati favored by 3.5 points.  cinncinnati has been playing some good ball of late.  louisville is a past east coast media darling and still sorta doing ok.  it will be a good game and one to watch on thursday night.  take cinncinnati to win and cover the spread.

wake forest at n. carolina st.  wake forest favored by 3.5 points.  i’m still not sure just where wake forest has come from but somebody thinks they are now a good team after years of obscurity and doldrums.  take wake forest to win and cover the points.

mississippi st at alabama.  bama favored by 20.5 points.  as a long time alabama honk i’m very happy to see them on top of the bcs charts.  however, i am surprised its this year.  next year and the one after it are big trouble for the sec.  point?  they have been lucky and i think miss st spoils the bcs championship game for this year.  take miss st to cover the spread and maybe even win.

texas at kansas.  texas favored by 13 points.  pure and simple, take kansas to cover the spread and maybe win.

cal at oregon st.  oregon st favored by 3 points.  this one has gone up and down a bit.  someone needs to beat oregon st and take them out of the rose bowl hunt.  yeah, you know i’m a trojan homer.  however, i don’t think cal is up to that challenge.  take oregon st to win and cover.  this one might even be a blow out.

byu at air force.  byu favored by 5.5 points.  an old classic run and gun olden days wac game if there ever was one.  byu is out of the big bowl hunt and air force is no one to trifle with.  take air force to win or cover the points.

boise st at idaho.  boise st favored by 36.5 points.  the smurf turf boys are still out and lurking about.  to bad they play a cupcake schedule  because i am not impressed by said schedule.  plus they are a tier 3 school.  look that one up in your spare time.  at any rate, they will win and cover. 

usc at stanford.  usc favored by 23 points.  this past weekend i listened to the stanford oregon game on the radio.  stanford thought they had it in the bag with 2 minutes left.  ah, no, sorry.  stanford loses the game.  stanford needs one more win to go bowl eligible.  even with usc cranking out penalties like they are bailout money they will not make it this week as well.  usc is playing like crap.  the defense is the only thing holding them up.  has pete’s system come to a grinding halt?  are the trojans over?  all that being said, stanford might cover the points but if indeed the system ain’t over pete will roadshow win and win big for his 85th win out of a 100 starts.  like he said on the radio here, ‘even i can figure out that percentage.’  his lads will step up.  take usc to win and cover.

boston college at florida st.  florida st favored by 6.5 points.  florida st isn’t florida.  boston is back to playing some decent ball.  boston college will cover the spread and maybe even win.

utah at san diego st.  utah favored by 28.5 points.  utah is the only outside spoiler left in the bcs bowl game bonanaza.  the fly in ointment.  a thorn in the bcs’ side, fetlock, or hindquarter for that matter.  not a grandiose schedule but ok enough.  take utah to win and cover the spread.

there ya go, this weeks picks.  just remember leave your wallets alone and nobody gets hurt.  enjoy some brew and a nice steak or something and enjoy the action.  we are pretty close to nut cuttin’ time here kids. 



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