musical theatre or ‘wicked’ as a date

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the brown eyed girl and i went out last night and headed into downtown lala land.  hollyweird to be more to the point.  she wanted to go see the musical ‘wicked’ again before they adios los angeles.  i was up for it even though i’ve never been a fan of broadway shows and their musical ilk.  sure there’s been some good stuff over the years that’s come out of broadway but they and it or them or some damn thing have never been my cup of tea.

the problem with going into the downtown area during the week, and at times on the weekend, is the traffic.  which of course last night was no exception.  only to be compounded on the ride home by cal-trans(the calif dept of transportation) my least favorite government entity anywhere and that would be including the u.s. congress.   

the hollyweird re-development types, they lurk about in your town as well.  re-development types are only in it for themselves.  there’s just too damn much money out there for them not to be.  that is if they weren’t all crooks to begin with.  at any rate, they took it upon themselves to retro sorta fit an old movie theatre.  the pantages theatre at hollywood and vine to be exact.  the olden venerable intersection that hasn’t aged to well.  but then who among us has? 

the last time i was at that particular theatre was back in it’s movie house days.  i saw ‘who’s afraid of virgina woolf’ there.  yeah, it’s been a while.  the place pretty much looks the same inside.  seats and all.  sure some paint daubed here and there and other cosmetic stuff as well.

the show?  it was so-so at best.  that’s from my perspective and you know where that is coming from.  no, not homophobia.  grow up.  though the crowd loved it.  the brown eyed girl wasn’t real happy about it either.  she had seen it before at the same venue and enjoyed it more the first time.  she said if last night had been her first time seeing it she would have been disappointed and she loves broadway shows.  disappointing in that the acoustics were/are abominable. 3/4’s of what was said or sung was unintelligible.  just murky muddy sound of the worst kind.  plus she wasn’t real happy with some of the present cast.

all that being said, it wasn’t like i was going to walk out of the place humming one of the tunes even if i had been able to hear them clearly.  would i go back there to see another show?  yeah, well, probably.  but only  if the brown eyed girl wanted to go see something else there.  hopefully, that would be at some point well into next year.



3 thoughts on “musical theatre or ‘wicked’ as a date

    joiedeer said:
    November 13, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    next year? well you can always hope honey!
    love you

    johnhauge responded:
    November 14, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    thanks, babe. i love you too.

    2010 in review « random weirdness said:
    January 2, 2011 at 11:31 am

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