another black day in black rock

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the summer that refuses to die hangs around like the plague of the dark ages.  plus we have the added attraction of wildfires fanned by the santa ana winds wrecking havoc through out southern california.  the heart bleeds at the sight of hundreds of burned out homes from santa barbara to corona. 

resources spread to thin.  money even thinner as the once great state of chaos and confusion, california, wrestles with a huge budget deficit.  sad times for all.  even for those that don’t live here.  you have the same problem.  maybe you realize it.  maybe you don’t.  trust me you do.  point being is the dumb asses we elect to watch out for what’s best for us usually never do.

while i was on my road trip up to northern california a week or so ago i was surprised by the fact that a local municipality up there was thinking about closing a fire house.  a fire house that bordered upon a junior college.  budget troubles was the answer the local pols gave for their reasoning.  sure close up something that might just actually do everyone some good at one point or another.  particularly when the firestorm hits or some other disaster.  

folks, don’t let the ass holes close fire houses, cop sub-stations, or anything else that might come in handy when the whip comes down.  because eventually the whip will come down.  hard.  and the piper will need to be paid.  yes, there’s only so much they can do.  but putting less of them out on the streets is utter stupidity. 

trust me on this.  it will come up wherever you live.  they will say money is tight and times are hard.  close a fire house or two or three or more.  just say no to them.  tell them to find the money someplace else.  like maybe their pork barrel projects and associated skim money.  or their long intimate lunches with sleazy re-development types which then means the sleaze gets passed around.  a buy here.  a sell there.  bought back and sold again.  bought and sold again for another handsome profit.  all this going on while you and your fellow citizens are the only losers in the sordid mess.  all the while rome burns. 



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