2008 college football predictions week 14

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it’s only tuesday and folks are already up in arms over this weeks continuation of rivalry weekend.  only two more weeks left in the college regular season.  these games this week mean the difference between hanging out at home and getting into trouble or going out on the road to a bowl game this december or january and getting into trouble.  any more it seems like the kids are up for either.  but i digress.

last week i was 5 for 10.  a semi sorry record.  your pet chicken could probably do as well.  my over all record now stands at 72 for 130.  barely decent.  just remember that the point spread that is here is the one i go by in determining if i win or not.  the spread might change but unless its a big bounce and i notice it, what’s here is here.

also taking any of what i toss out here as sage advice is and would be insanity and stupidity at its highest level.  all that being said, let’s rock ‘n’ roll.

texas a & m at texas.  texas favored by 35 points.  a ton of points and the game is a homer for the longhorns.  that is the only reason i’m taking texas to cover.  well, that and if they don’t win and win big they get to stay home over the holidays.  take texas.

fresno st at boise st.  boise st favored by 20.5 points.  i was really looking forward to this game at the beginning of the year.  sadly fresno st has lost a good number of starters and their backups just haven’t been that good.  regular readers know that i don’t care much for boise st and their cupcake schedule.  smurf turf and all.  fresno st steps up here and covers the points.  they may not win but they will cover.  take fresno st.

maryland at boston college.  boston college favored by 7 points.  a number of things on the line in this one, kids.  boston college is finally playing some ball.  take boston college to win and cover the spread.

virgina at virgina tech.  virgina tech favored by 8 points.  take tech to win and cover.

oklahoma at oklahoma st.  oklahoma favored by 7 points.  i like oklahoma st in this one.  home game and not many points in a rivalry game that can end up anywhere.  take oklahoma st to win or cover the points.

georgia tech at georgia.  georgia favored by 8.5 points.  take georgia to win or cover.

auburn at alabama.  bama favored by 14 points.  if auburn had played up to their potential this year this game may have been a good one.  they still might this saturday but it might not matter.  take alabama to win and cover.  roll tide.

florida at florida st.  florida favored by 16.5 points.  i’m thinking florida st will make a good enough showing here to cover the points.  they may not win but they will cover the spread.

oregon at oregon st.  oregon st favored by 3.5 points.  if they game wasn’t at state it would be a toss up.  my beloved ducks need to win this civil war game and keep the beavers out of the rose bowl.  please.  this one will probably be one of the best games of turkey weekend.  count on it.  take oregon to win or cover.  GO DUCKS!!!!!

notre dame at usc.  usc favored by 30 points.  a huge point spread.  with rain comiong today and tomorrow.  a damp field come saturday?  no idea if it will be covered during the rain.  huge old time rivalry here.  though pete plays it like any other game.  trojans have had trouble with bye weeks and coming back strong.  charlie needs to make a statement here or the golden domers alumni will turn him into the next ty willingham.  pete will also be making a statement saturday.  usc wins and covers the spread.

everyone have a happy thanksgiving and enjoy the games.  just remember to leave your wallets alone and in your pocket.  taking it out and peeling off some greenbacks would be insanity at best.  don’t do it. 



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