college football week 15 picks

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yeah, i changed the title format. yep, sure did.  at any rate, i was a tepid 5 for 10 last week.  i would have done better but i got bit by the point spread on a couple of games.  life, as it were.  my totals for the year are, 77 for 140.  i’m getting closer to the dreadful 50% mark.  like i said before, your pet chicken could do 50% easy.

sadly it’s the final week of the regular college football season.  only thing left are the bowl games.  more on that when the bowls get dealt out.  just remember that taking anything you read here is borderline insanity  if you go to somebody who will take your action and you give them my ‘action’ you are just lame and probably should be put away for your own good.

i’m only doing 6 games this week.  only 6 because the rest of what is left i could care less who wins or why or what the harold.  capice?  all that being said let’s get down with the last week of regular season college football.  damn, i miss it already.  is it september yet?  let’s rock ‘n’ roll.

louisville at rutgers.  rutgers favored by 11 points.  probably a good game.  i’ll be at a holiday party with the brown eyed girl.  maybe the tv will be on and tuned to espn.  one can only hope.  if louisville or rutgers played boise st’s dance card they would be 12 and 0 as well.  take rutgers to win and cover the points.

navy at army.  navy favored by 11.5 points.  the yearly pentagon bowl.  ok.  i was army back in the day.  just a draftee but army none the less.  the old man was army as well.  ww2 wise.  yeah, take army to cover.  they may not but, yeah, this one is always for the ages. 

boston college at virgina tech.  boston college favored by 1 point.  a toss up, kids.  and a stellar game as well.  the deal?  deal is boston college wins the game.

alabama at florida.  florida favored by 9.5 points.  sadly the game is over for the tide.  they finally meet their waterloo this year. take florida to win and cover.  yeah, ok.  the tide might actually win this but i doubt it.  wait till next year bama.  florida wins and covers.

usc at ucla.  usc favored by 32.5 points.  tons of points once again for the battle for the city of lost angels and bragging rights there of.  norm chow meets pete in the rose bowl for some sort of homecoming.  the bruins don’t have the players.  usc has more than enough to seal the deal and a rose bowl bcs bid.  or maybe more if the big 12 turns to dust.  at any rate, that old weez about any team and any given saturday especially a rivalry as hot and heavy as this one is any thing could happen.  take the trojans to win and cover.

just remember to keep your wallet in your pockets and things will turn out ok.  enjoy the games.

that’s it, the sad end of the regular season 2008 for college football.  nine months of wandering the desert of no college football await.  yeah, there’s the bowl games but they ain’t the same.  is it september yet?



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