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earlier this week charlie weise slid into home and won himself another year at the helm of the fighting irish and their once vaunted football team.  followers of the golden domers and team touchdown jesus know that the irish have been in the doldrums for a number of years.  it was rumored that charlie was gonna get the ax if he lost to the trojans again this year. 

he did lose but somehow or another he saved his job.  one wag on a message board put it bluntly to the fact that charlie is white.  a not to subtle jibe at the golden domers and their bungling of the ty willingham deal.  yes, bungling.  ty has since come out and given notre dame credit for keeping charlie around.  ty willingham is a class act and a great human being.  however, this isn’t about ty.

veers and tangents scream through my addled brain here.  ty willingham’s wife and notre dame.  charlie weis and notre dame.  both a problem in a similar vein?  i don’t know i wasn’t or ain’t there.  but i hear stuff.  maybe you do too.  hear stuff like charlie is only into charlie.  no inroads in friend making or hang time with anyone.  plus he can’t seem to win with the kids he has.  

ok.  so charlie has a face to face with notre dame’s new athletic director, jack swarbrick.  fine.  charlie wasn’t doing well.  reportedly jack laid it out for charlie.  improve next year or adios.  next year everyone on the team will be charlie’s recruits.  sink or swim time.

i think the real reason charlie is still around is that mr. swarbrick didn’t want his first major act as athletic director to be the firing of charlie weis and his 3 or 4 super bowl rings.  yeah, i know charlie is also white.  or is charlie weis just another pro coach that can’t make it in the college game because he’s to arrogant and comes across as such.  and a majority of the kids can’t get behind whatever he’s dishing out as a coach.

all that would be some sort of supposition on my part and a number of folks part as well.  maybe or maybe not.  let’s take a look at notre dame’s line-up for next year 2009. 

nevada, a home game to start the year.  no guarantee win here.  nevada played some ball this year.  depending on the number of returning starters for nevada this could well be charlie’s first loss.  nevada’s returning starters may not have anything to do with it.  yeah, it’s their first trip to the home of the golden dome but if properly kept in balance it’s a win for them.

at michigan.  another coach with problems.  maybe even more than charlie. 
michigan wins.

michigan st at home.  another loss.

at purdue.  they might win this one again.  might being the operative word.

washington at home.  they will probably win this one.

open week.  no one scheduled as yet.  here’s a chance for charlie and jack to schedule someone that isn’t a cupcake.  i don’t want to see some crappy school stuck in here just to give charlie a win.  i want somebody competitive tossed in here.  a true bcs caliber team.  we shall see what happens.

usc at home.  another loss.

boston college at home.  another loss.

washington st at san antone, tx.  say what?  yeah, that’s what it says and i haven’t a clue as to why.  at any rate charlie might pull this one out.

navy at home.  could go either way.

at pittsburgh.  pitt can’t wait for this one.

connecticutt at home.  a win maybe.

at stanford.  stanford wins this one.

there ya go.  things don’t look good on paper at this point for charlie.   a semi sorta schedule that doesn’t help out usc at all.  meaning notre dame plays cupcakes anymore and when usc thumps them everybody just yawns and the trojans don’t move up to where they ought to be.  yes, homer john and his trojans.  i want notre dame to be good.  i want them to play a better caliber schedule so when usc beats them it means something.  capice?  

so bottom line?  i think charlie will be gone after next year’s season.  if he were black he would already be down the road.



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