college football bowl picks 2008-09

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yes, kids, it’s that time of year again.  kris kringle and the college football bowl season.  it also signals the long wait between now and september of next year when things get rolling again.  no more thursday nights spent sipping ale and watching the game with the cat while the brown eyed girl is at her sculpture class.  ah, fond memories.  it almost brings a tear to my eye.  but i drift.

last year i ran the whole lot of them down.  not this year.  just like during the regular season i’m only doing ten of the games.  which brings another digression.  my final stats for the regular season were 80 for 146.  nothing outstanding but better than 50%.  sorta.

ok.  so only 10 bowl games for me this year because they are probably the only 10 i’ll actually sit through.  for the most part most of the games are stinkers and the only folks interested are the hapless fools who actually travel from where ever to whatever to sit in the stands and drink over priced brews.  maybe if you’re lucky you can snag a beer or two.  maybe not. 

the bowl folks and chamber of commerce folks love them though.  most of the time they make enough money on the rubes who do go sit and cheer for the old home team.  espn also pays a bundle for the games.  but that’s another blog.

enough yammering let’s rock ‘n’ roll.

dec 20, las vegas bowl, las vegas.  byu vs arizona.  arizona favored by 3 points.  it seems like byu is a perennial for this bowl game.  i guess the vegas wags figure that the mormons like to let their hair down once a year in vegas and the game gives them a chance to party down.  at any rate, for some reason arizona is the favorite.  i don’t think so.  byu doesn’t go to vegas to drink and mess with the hookers.  they go to play football.  take byu to win or cover the spread.

dec 23, poinsettia bowl, san diego.  boise st vs tcu.  tcu favored by 2.5 points.  san diego is fun any time of the year.  it’s just getting there that’s the hard part.  at least if you drive.  any the ways, this one is probably one of the best match-ups of the bowl season.  boise’s offense meets tcu’s defense.  the kicker being it’s a neutral field.  sweet.  no home smurf turf and boise gets to play a pretty good team.  take the horned toads frogs or whatever to win and cover.  in simple english, take tcu.

dec 24, hawaii bowl, honolulu.  notre dame vs hawaii.  hawaii favored by 1.5 points.  no one is really sure just why the golden domers are going to any bowl game this year.  the only reason being it’s a good bet the faithful will travel to the islands and while getting the sunburn of their lives go to see notre dame get beat.  it’s that simple.  charlie and the boys lose another one.  take hawaii.  hey, it’s christmas eve grab some absolut and hunker down.  merry christmas.

dec 27, emerald bowl, san francisco.  cal vs miami.  cal favored by 7 points.  if it’s not raining this could be an interesting game.  if cal shows up in a playing mood they might even cover the spread or win.  all they have to do is cross the oakland bay bridge and they are there.  seems simple enough but cal is disappointing most of the time.  take miami to win or cover the spread.

dec 30, holiday bowl, san diego.  oklahoma st vs oregon.  oklahoma st favored by 3 points.  another sleeper here kids.  this one is going to be a good one.  or at least it seems so on paper.  plus san diego once again.  i’m counting on my ducks to pull this one out of the almost new years eve hat and win.  take the ducks to cover the spread or win.  GO DUCKS!!!!

dec 31, sun bowl, ft worth.  oregon st vs pittsburg.  oregon st favored by 3 points.  yes, another pac 10 team.  your point?  oh, i’m a homer.  you bet i am.  this one could get ugly if the beavers take out their rose bowl frustrations on pitt.  i’m counting on it.  take the beavers to win and cover.  happy new year.

jan 1, rose bowl, pasadena.  usc vs penn st.  usc favored by 10 points.  it should be a good game.  if usc can find an offense and score more points than joe pa’s boys i’ll be a happy camper.  that’s the problem.  usc and their semi sorta offense.  actually i’m kind of glad sarkasian is leaving.  sue me.  the usc defense is the best in the nation.  at any rate, take usc to cover the spread and win.   

jan 2, cotton bowl, dallas.  texas tech vs ole miss.  texas favored by 5.5 points.  it’s nice to see ole miss in a bowl game.  to bad they have to play the red raiders from texas.  my sorta alma mater of sorts.  it should be a good game.  or at least i hope so.  take texas tech to win and cover the points.  also take the time to visit:

jan 2, sugar bowl, the big easy.  utah vs alabama.  bama favored by 10.5 points.  usual readers know i’m an old tide fan.  i love em.  i’m also a fan of utah this year.  a dilemma for sure.  guess what?  take utah to cover the spread and maybe even win.  yep, they are probably already tired of hearing how badly the tide is going to stomp them.  i don’t think so.  utah, take em.

jan 8, bcs championship game, maimi.  oklahoma vs florida.  florida favored by 3.5 points.  i may or may not even watch this one.  i’m usually fed up with the bowls by this point in time.  simple easy.  take florida to win or cover.

that’s it.  the games i’ll more than likely watch.  maybe.  forget about the rest of them.  just remember not to get stupid and take my advice and put any money on any of these games.  games where anything can happen because the wait is too damn long after the regular season.  most of the kids will have been robbing liquor stores and smoking crack during the month before the games.  only a fool bets bowl games.  capice?  good.  enjoy the holidays and the games.  no more college football till september 09.  crap.  is it september yet?



2 thoughts on “college football bowl picks 2008-09

    Paul malernee said:
    January 5, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    your picks suck!

    johnhauge responded:
    January 5, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    thanks for reading. i got utah right, and for me that’s all that matters this bowl season.

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