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the brown eyed girl said that yesterday’s blog was weird.  i agreed.  it was weird.  it was meant to be plus i’m a little rusty because most of my writing has been football related for some time now.  that deal is about over for the year.  almost. 

before i leave the sports venue i need to wade in on the tiger woods caddy comment.  if you haven’t heard his caddy made a catty comment about phil mickelson over the weekend to some reporter or something.  it seems he called phil a naughty word. 

let’s be honest here.  phil, better known as lefty, but i prefer hefty, is not liked on the tour.  his fellow players think he is a phony or worse.  i hear stuff and i continue to hear stuff along those lines.  however, you don’t want your caddy making untoward statements about any other player on the tour even if they are true.

tigers comment about the whole deal was that ‘the matter had been dealt with’ time to move on.  back when i worked i got into a number of scrapes with the public.  once i explained what happened it was usually, ‘don’t do it again.’  i imagine in tiger’s case it was a round of high fives and a good hearty laugh.  and of course, don’t do it again.

my friend, jwfh, did another rain blog over night.  stellar as usual.  he wanted to sleep out in the car to really get into the rain.  i should have thought of that.  sleeping in the car under the tin carport roof would be heaven in a way.  harkening back to my days in nam and the monsoons hammering the tin roofs there.  or perhaps high school or college days at the drive-in theatre and it’s raining.  cold, freezing, half naked teenage lust on a car seat.  um, yeah. 

we have more rain in the forecast for today.  cold temps as well.  the brown eyed girl read me a weather rumor last night that said snow levels down to 1,000 ft for this evening.  that means here.  if it’s true or happens.  she’s coming over for dinner and spending the night here.  perhaps we’ll bundle up, sit on the veranda, and wait for the snow to fall with a nice glass of gold medal sherry or port to ward off the cold.

for now the sun is out, the sky is bright, the foothills and mountains are alive with snow.  i’ve seen more but it’s a start.

it’s christmas.  i’m happy.  yeah, jwfh, amazing ain’t it?  here’s something from the vault.  it isn’t christmas related but it has a keith richards vibe to it.  enjoy.

i hear the click clack of your feet on the stairs 

what a great line, pure gold from the glimmer twins.  who else?  i hear the click clack of some lady’s feet on the concrete drive every morning.  heels.  hopefully open toed.  at least i’m hoping it’s a lady.  i haven’t looked to see who it is.  i guess the fantasy thing is ok for now.  i mean it could be some decked out dude or some well, overly well fed mamacita.  or it could be heaven in heels for that matter.  i don’t want to know.  not yet.  just that sound is enough to make a man’s mind wander or at least this man’s mind.  what’s left of it anyways.  wander to all sorts of different spots.  then you toss in some thing on cable about vegas and the m i t gang that busted vegas up for a time.  and the mind drifts back.

back to vegas and the beginning of the first gulf war.  that was the last time i was in vegas, alone.  i was supposed to be there with girlfriend at the time or actually my ex, cause i’d wandered off.  it just wasn’t working.  for both of us.  a lovely vietnamese lady.  years later we stumbled upon each other again and tried, again, with the same results.  i wandered off.  again.  veering.

i’d had the hotel reservations for some time and i guess i just needed to go and forget or something.  plus the new war was about to kick off and it indeed did while i was there.  and well, lots of shit slopping around in my addled brain.

vegas isn’t one of my favorite places.  never has been.  i prefer lake tahoe.  it’s more laid back.  for gambling, drinking and relaxing.  though i’d stay away over labor day weekend.  these days i stay away from everything over any 3 day weekend.  at any rate those were the days when i did actually gamble.  i don’t any more.  just the california lottery these days.  the super lotto.  however, those that know say the horse race deal is the one to bet when it gets big.  hard for me to get a grip on shit today.  tangents.  i will also occasionally bet college football now and again.  but that doesn’t count.  yes, of course.

ok. so i’m in vegas.  the hotel california.  may as well have been.  i’m in one of the bars in the casino having a drink and playing video poker.  taking a break from real poker.  ah, yeah,  here comes another tangent.  7 card stud.  not the texas stuff of today.  too much luck involved there.  sure luck in all the gambling deals but that game leaves me cold.  so i’m at the bar playing video poker, drinking.  a very nice looking lady sits down a couple of seats away.  she’s alone.  nicely dressed and yeah, sorta hot.  she gets a drink and starts dropping quarters in the machine.

well, we start chatting.  she’s very nice and bright.  we have a few drinks.  all is sweetness and light.  what could be better?  she’s a reader and an ex professional athlete.  and italian.  how cool is that?  a damn trifecta.  she says she’s got to take care of something but would like to see me later that night for more chatting and drinking. well, you don’t have to ask me twice.  the date was made.

later that evening we meet in the hotel bar.  she looks even lovelier than she did earlier in the day.  sweet.  we have a drink and she suggests we go upstairs to my room and have another drink.  fine by me.  she’s such a vivacious and intelligent lady i was falling in love.  honey, i’ll follow you anywhere.  so we get upstairs and of course she turns out to be a working lady.  what else could the deal be?  naturally.  but like i said i was falling in love and working ladies don’t bother me.  bills gotta be paid.  

it was a really great time.  for me and for her.  she liked it just as much as i did.  the grand finale was right from the cd i’m listening to, ‘parachute woman’, her favorite activity.  she did it well.  i came in her hair.  sorta.  i didn’t notice till she was leaving.  of course she was in a hurry to leave.  another appointment.  so i didn’t say anything.  yes, yes, yes of course.  my bad.  a sorta very early ‘something about mary’.

one evening a month or so later i was home asleep, more like passed out, on the couch.  tv on.  the phone woke me up.  it was her.  i was groggy and didn’t really pick up on just who the fuck it was.  i’m like going, who?  who? just like some sad demented owl.  i didn’t realize it was her till after she hung up on me.  then i woke up.  i didn’t sleep much the rest of the night.  pretty much non-stop brain streaming shit.  no, she never called back.

music provided by, the rolling stones, ‘beggars banquet’.



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    some more random weirdness « random weirdness said:
    December 16, 2008 at 5:27 pm

    […] CEMfromMD wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt7 card stud. not the texas stuff of today. too much luck involved there. sure luck in all the gambling deals but that game leaves me cold. so i’m at the bar playing video poker, drinking. a very nice looking lady sits down a couple of … […]

    johnhauge responded:
    December 16, 2008 at 5:34 pm

    the site seems ok. soooo…here it is. jmh

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