new country heroes

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i wrote this late yesterday morning/early afternoon.  my ears are still ringing from the volume of the tunes.  plus, i wasn’t under the influence of any drugs or booze.  a shade too early in the day for vino so i was just under the spell of real country music.   

a few weeks back my friend, jwfh, turned me on to a semi old country and western cd.  the real deal shit.  not that pussy crapola you hear on k-fr(o)g around these parts or your parts for that matter.  the real deal shit.  because like the band says, ‘pop country really sucks.’

yep, plus some of the best country musicians this side of the last late great batch of country pickers from the heart of country music not since the likes of clarence white et al.  that doesn’t make much sense but i don’t care.  more kids to be sure.  kids that kick ass. 

johnny hiland– electric guitar; andy gibson– several steel guitars; randy kohrs, dobro; joe buck, bass; donnie herron, fiddle;  shawn mcwilliams, drums. 

then there’s leader of the pack, hank williams lll, vocals and guitars.  the grandson of the late legendary country crooner/composer hank williams.

if you like real country music or if you’ve never listened to hank lll and his band i think you should.  no holds barred.  raw in your face country.  old country.  the kind of stuff that brings me back to my youthful days of early country music.  back when it was real americana.  not the watered down puss bucket country shit of today.  real country music played by some of the best musicians i’ve heard in a long damn time.  period.

‘angel of sin’ is worth the price of admission alone.  or ‘not everybody likes us’.  or ‘country heroes’.  hank williams lll, the cd, ‘straight to hell’.  buy it.  listen to it.  i’ve lost track how many times it’s played today.   

‘i think i’d rather eat the barrel of a double barreled shotgun than listen to that shit they call country pop on 98.1.’

‘it’s a certain kinda livin’.  it’s a certain kinda style.  not everybody likes us but we drive some folks wild.’ 

they ‘put the dick back in dixie and the cunt back in country.’  sure nuff.

i really like these guys because they can play and they sing the truth.



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