a sorta weekend up-date w/ photos

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 i’m sure a good number of you spent the weekend like we did.  running around and trying to get ready for christmas day.  a stop here and a stop there and another over there.  of course, there’s still way too much left to do.  that happens when the deal goes down at your house.  or the brown eyed girl’s house as the case may be. 

there was time to stop the car and shoot some more nice photos of the most recent snow on the mountains.  they are one of the reasons i still like living here.  when the day is clear winter or summer there they are in all their glory.  the san gabriels. 

this will probably be my last blog until after christmas.  myself and the brown eyed girl hope you all have a peaceful and wonderful christmas.  consider the last photos and these photos as a sort of gift from the two of us to all of you, my readers.  we hope you enjoy them.  all these photos were taken by me unless otherwise noted.  merry christmas!!

san antonio peak or cucamonga peak.  depending on which map you might be looking at or who ever you are talking to about the peak.  us long time locals call it san antone peak. 

other views.

the view from the brown eyed girls drive-way.

the view from my veranda.

the brown eyed girl a self portrait.

a ginko tree taken by the brown eyed girl.

merry christmas from southern california!



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