i’ll pass on the kool aid

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i sort of touched on this yesterday in a comment or something.  i guess it bears repeating. 

i was more than willing to give our new president the benefit of the doubt and just let him do his thing.  then i’d make some sort of decision about the guy somewhere down the road.  somewhere down the road is already here.

he’s pissed me off.  already.  i was never a fan of the last guy.  not by a long shot.  i really didn’t care for his dad that much either.  though i proudly display a letter from said dad in the living room.

anyway, back to the new guy.  first off his very first tv interview was on arab tv.  excuse me?  i guess i’m just a bit to old school for that kind of stupid move.  but then what do i know? 

then there’s the sanctimonious stuff oozing about him.  he comes off more sanctimonious than algore on a bad day.  i just can’t take it.  sorry.  it was the feeble attempt at humor and his comparison of dc and chicago weather that got that me going on that angle.  gawd, please send us adlai again.  he was a barrel of laughs compared to this guy.  ah, no.  scratch that.  this guy is adlai incarnate.  one was more than enough, thanks anyways.

we also have the stimulus package that is just so full of pork and dubious crap that it’s unfathomable why any sane person would want it to come to pass.

next, and i missed this one when it hit the bricks, was his statement that republicans should stop listening to rush limbaugh.  for some sort of vague non-partisan reasons i guess.  ok.  i stopped listening to rush years ago.  i just couldn’t take him any more.  say what you want about rush and it might be true.  i just don’t care.  but nobody tells me who or what not to listen to be it political thoughts or whatever.  that would also include reading material.

i mean what if i were the new guy and told you not to listen to al franken or barbara streisand or any number of their ilk.  you’d call me a nazi like you called the last guy.  the last guy wasn’t a nazi.  he just wasn’t very bright.  the new guy is bright.  he should know better.  then again i guess not.  either that or it’s just a glimpse of the shit to come.  i think it’s the latter.      

i put up with bubba and his antics.  at least he was entertaining in some sort of odd train wreck kind of a way.  the new guy?  no, thanks.  i’ll pass.  the kool aid?  you drink it.

i pounded this out last night.  i wasn’t really sure that if in the semi light of the new day i would still want to publish it.  yeah, i might as well. 

i think it’s a wonderful thing a black person has been elected to the office.  though i can’t help but wonder if maybe willie mays, hank aaron, tiger woods, joe morgan, charlie sifford, lee elder, joe ‘the jet’ perry and a slew of others may have filled the bill a bit better. 

the chicago political machine rolls on.  much to the dismay of any number of us.   

wake up, america.



One thought on “i’ll pass on the kool aid

    johnhauge responded:
    January 31, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    if you don’t like what i have to say then don’t read it. as a matter of fact, please, don’t read it. you can stick with npr or the networks or any number of other places. i’m not here for a dialog. i could care less about dialogs. if you want a dialog go broker a peace settlement in the middle east. one that actually works, unlike all the others. i’m not here to please you. i’m here for my demons and nothing else.


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