time for something completely different part 3

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East Wind Go Away…

And come again some way way other day.  It hasn’t been a whole lot of fun around these parts since…what?…Monday morning?  The Santa Ana winds have been blowing off and on for way too long.  Blowing all kinds of annoying stuff up around and into our breathing spaces.
Dad woke up Monday morning sneezing and all clogged up.  His nose.  Not the other kind.  He was miserable.  He didn’t even have much fun playing with me because he kept sneezing and blowing his nose.  Finally he told mom he was leaving.  Hoping his sneezing and blowing and thumping headache would go away if he went to his place where the wind wasn’t as bad. 
Well, he says it did though he still has the headache off and on.  I wonder if I have sinus headaches?  Or allergies.  Now mom has what ever it is the wind is blowing around.  She isn’t in any mood to hang with me.  Or do any of our other stuff together.  She’s miserable.  Stuffed up with a sneezing sinus headache too.
I’ve heard her talking on the phone with dad and they wonder if they have become allergic to me.  Oh, my goodness!!!  I certainly hope not.  Though dad is fairly certain it’s just something from somewhere that the devil winds have stirred up and deposited here in Cucamonga and our house in particular.
Mom was sorta feeling better this morning but not really.  Dad was supposed to come over and they were gonna hang some new pictures and I was gonna play with dad and have lots of kitty fun.  Well, mom wasn’t in the mood for picture hanging let alone me or dad. So he’s over where ever he is still and I’m stuck here with a crabby mommy.  Oh, well.  I know I’m loved any ways.

I heard mom tell dad if she isn’t better tomorrow she was going to hang out with dad at their other place all day.  Yeah, where ever it is.  Which means I’m stuck again and probably won’t get to see dad till Super Bowling Sunday.  That’s when they are gonna grill hot dogs and watch the big game.  Maybe I’ll get some canned food.

Boy, I sure hope that’s still the plan.  I miss everybody. 
Meow for Now!!



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