adios, molly

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molly bee was one of my favorite country western performers back when i was a kid.  at the time molly was just a kid herself.  she
passed away this week from complications due to a stroke.  molly was 69 years old.

molly got her start in music on the old rex allen radio show singing covers of hank williams tunes.  she was only 10 years old.  at 13 she had her first hit in 1952 singing the novelty tune, ‘i saw mommy kissing santa claus’.

i mostly remember her from the old so calif tv show called ‘hometown jamboree’ which starred the late great, tennessee ernie ford.  i cut my country and western teeth on that old show and the music generated by it. along with the show ‘the hoffman hayride’ starring spade cooley. both shows were local staples on los angeles tv in the 1950’s.

adios, molly bee, RIP.

the cast of  ‘hometown jamboree’.  molly, seated in the front row to the right of ernie ford.

molly later in her career.



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