time for something completely different part 4

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I know it’s been a little while since I last wrote anything here.  I’ve been busy so I haven’t really had the time.  You know busy doing kitty stuff.  Plus, it’s been raining a lot here and it’s been cold too so I’m sleeping most of the time.

I heard mom talking to dad on the phone this morning.  She was telling him that I wasn’t happy with all of the rain because the front door hasn’t been open for me to sit there and watch the birdies.  She’s right.  I don’t like the rain for that very reason.

Mom and dad are going out to a big Valentines Day dinner and dance at a local winery tomorrow night.  As usual, I don’t get to go.  It would be nice if they would at least invite me to tag along.  I mean I don’t have to hang out with them and be social.  I could just cruise the wine cellar area in the winery looking for mice to play with while they drink wine and eat osso bucco or whatever it is they will eat.   If I found something I could bring it in for everyone to look at and they would all say what a wonderful kitty I was.  Why someone might even give me a glass of champagne and ask me to dance.  Now, that would be very nice.  Don’t you think?

Anyhow, I might even tell you about their evening if they think it turned out ok.  I may even do it even if they don’t think it went ok.  I don’t care.  All the rain is making this little kitty a bit crabby.  I think I’ll bite dad when he comes over today and picks me up for a hug.  Oh, ok, maybe not.  It was just a thought.  Perhaps an evil one but a thought none the less. 

Meow for now.


Our weekend went pretty good even with all of the rain.  I still can’t get anyone to open the front door for very long though.  Mom always says that it’s too cold to open the door.  By the time I realize dad has the door open for me it’s closing when I get there.  So I have to pass my time on the back of the couch or in my bed.  It’s not a bad life though.

I tried and tried to get mom and dad to take me to the Valentines evening dinner at the winery.  No matter what I tried they wouldn’t budge on the no go thing.  I was pretty upset because I wanted to go looking for mice.  About all I ever find and catch around here are crickets and the occasional moth.  I’m sick and tired of crickets.  I need some bigger game to stalk and stuff.  Smarter game as well.  Crickets are stupid and dumber than that poodle that runs around outside here.  I’m thinking mice have to be pretty smart.  Maybe one day I’ll find out.

Well, the big evening finally came around and mom and dad got all dressed up and ready to. I kept trying to make them change their minds about me tagging along but it was no good.  So, I waited till they were both all set and almost going out the door and I went into my bathroom and laid a really nice stinky bomb for them.  I was even impressed.  Dad wasn’t happy at all.  He realized if they left it in my box until they got home they would probably be really sorry they did.  So he cleaned out my box while he was wearing his nice clothes.  He wasn’t happy and was saying lots of stuff I never heard before.  
Mom and dad had a nice time at the dinner.  Lots of wine to drink and the food was pretty good.  Or so they say.  Nice people to meet and talk to as well.  I don’t know I wasn’t there.  But orange and spinach salad, osso bucco with saffron risotto and broccoli rob, along with a nice chocolate cheesecake sounds pretty good to me.  Plus champagne before dinner along with a nicely paired wine with each course.  They even got a free bottle of champagne to take home with them. Wow, being human has lots of perks, huh? 

Dad even got to have a very nice chat with the winery owner.  And got to pet the owners son’s dog for a while.  Pretty cool stuff but if I had been there it would have been even cooler.  I would have bit the dog.
They had a DJ there and mom and dad even danced several dances.  They were sorta disappointed most of the songs were fast because they wanted to dance slow and make-out.  Mom was pretty drunk by then and dad was sorta too.  Any ways, they danced slow to a few of the fast songs just because they could.

I suppose it was a very fun evening for them.  It wasn’t much fun for me but I had a fun rest of the weekend with both of them hanging around the house because of the rain.  I got lots of play time in with dad and only needed to pretend bite him a couple of times.  Mom, on the other hand, got nailed on the foot a few times for messing with me.

I hope you all had a nice Valentines Day and weekend.  Maybe next year will be better for me and I’ll get to stalk mice for my Valentines Day.
Oh, you may want to visit the place where mom and dad went saturday night and often go to other times as well: http://josephfilippiwinery.com  They say it’s a very cool place.

Meow for now,



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