a long and winding road

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it’s been a difficult day for me and the brown eyed girl.  well, more so the brown eyed girl than i.  it all started for her sunday morning.  we’d had a very nice evening the night before with dfr and jwfh.  a very pleasant evening to be sure.

at any rate, on sunday morning the brown eyed girl tried to get a book off the bottom self of one of my bookcases.  she heard a snap in one of her hips.  a hip that’s an artificial joint.  it was a painful snap.  but things worked themselves out of the initial pain deal as had the others.
though she was worried and called her orthopod in l.a.  they spoke on the phone and he told her if she was worried to come in today and he’d check her out.  well, we woke up this morning and she felt ok.  we cuddled a bit and it snapped again.  yeah, just a cuddle for a bit.  so we went in to downtown l.a to see her doc. 
she felt fine but as an old hand at this deal she’d packed a small bag.  just in case.  her doc is one, if not the finest, joint replacement docs in the whole damn world.  they took some x-rays and he had her up on the table and messed around a bit with her hip.  of course, it popped again.  painfully.  she got it to go back to an unpainful position but the doc said, we need to fix it.

long story short, she is still at the hospital and goes in for surgery tomorrow in order to replace a defective part of the hip joint.  a semi sorta not so major operation according to her doc.  but none the less surgery.

i’ve sorta touched upon the brown eyed girl’s problems in the past.  she’s a victim of childhood rheumatoid arthritis.  she’s had numerous operations on various joints and or other stuff in her life.  though the past few years she’s been somewhat lucky in that regard.  today, another of her docs called her a fighter and a tough lady.  she is indeed that.

she is also the love of my life.  yeah, i’ve had a few.  but she’s different.  i’ve stated here before if i had met her long ago in her ‘window’ of opportunity we would have had a number of kids.  i stand by that statement today. 
i love her dearly even with all of her problems.  she is the one for me  and thankfully i’m the one for her.  that is if i don’t fuck shit up at some point.  yeah, well…i have no intention doing so.

ok.  so here’s the deal.  i’m not sure when i’ll be back here on any sort of regular basis.  i have other needs now.  as does the brown eyed girl.  for sure i’ll let you know how things go tomorrow.  there should be no problems but a prayer to the deity of your choice would be much appreciated.  thanks.



2 thoughts on “a long and winding road

    hoosierarmymom said:
    March 30, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    Prayers are going up for your brown eyed girl John. Hope she is recovering well with no lingering issues.

    johnhauge responded:
    March 31, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    thanks, she’s doing ok so far.

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