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it’s been awhile since i’ve sat down here at the computer and pounded something out.  well, today is the day.  i’m feeling the need to yammer about some music that’s been playing a lot in the car since i picked it up last friday.  now, it’s on here and jamming out over the jbls.

i stumbled onto an old austin city limits last thursday evening.  one from 2006.  van morrison to be exact.  van morrison doing his country thing.  yeah, van does country.  that show was amazing.  jaw dropping amazing.  some of the finest country i’ve heard from a non country artist in a good long while.  thankfully, i got into it from the beginning.  an hour of van’s wonderful voice and a band that kicked some serious ass.  steel guitar to die for played by a lady i’ve never seen before and i have no idea what her name is.  if anyone reading this can help me out in that regard, please do so.  she was playing licks off a triple neck steel that at one point made me cry.  yeah, that’s right. 

the next day i was having some java with my friend, jwfh.  as usual i went into rhino records and wandered around for 45 minutes or so cherry picking this and that.  an otis redding dvd with all the good stuff on it.  and a stones live dvd from 1975 recorded here in la la land.  sweet to be sure.

as far as i know there isn’t a recording of the van morrison austin city limits show.  the closest you can come to it is his 2006 lp ‘pay the devil’.  i picked it up as well.  as jwfh said, it isn’t one of his best and the band isn’t that good.  but i’ll tell you what, the band is adequate and satisfying.  the steel player on the lp isn’t the steel player on the show but paul godden does a good enough job for me.  as does everyone else on the lp.  bob loveday, violin; geriant watkins, piano; mick green and johnny scott on guitar; paul riley, bass; ian jennings, double bass; and bobby irwin, drums.

this lp is sorta an ode to his dad who was a big country fan.  i like it. you might too.  though at one point yesterday the brown eyed girl told me enough of van and his country we need to listen to something else.  no, she’s no fan of country but she puts up with me up to a point.  you can’t always have it all.

at any rate, there’s some nice covers of some old standard country stuff from, ‘there stands the glass’ to ‘your cheatin’ heart’ and ‘half as much’.  if you like country this is an adequate and satisfying lp.  an lp done by probably one of the few singer and players that you can pretty much be assured you need ALL of his stuff in your collection.  folks, there ain’t very many artists out there that you can say that about.  the stones.  maybe john lennon.  otis redding.  and there just isn’t anybody else.  count on it.



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