wedding planning for the elderly

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the browned eyed girl has been running around trying to deal with stuff for our upcoming nuptials.  i’ve sorta been collateral damage on a few of the shopping trips.  which is fine.  don’t get me wrong.  it’s her first and hopefully only wedding.  it will be my second and hopefully last.  i’ve been telling her she can do what she wants, after all she’s the bride to be.  thankfully, it’s going to be low key.  at any rate, shopping for just about anything makes me cranky.  though i have tried my best under the circumstances and she’s been vaguely impressed. 

low key is a good thing.  older folks probably shouldn’t get to crazed over getting married.  i mean crazed is ok but a wedding party for several hundred folks ain’t our idea of fun.  we have better things to spend our money on.  don’t get me wrong, there will be a wedding party after the ‘i dos’ but it will be a week or so later and for well under several hundred folks.  we have a couple of local places in mind for the party, both of which are nice italian joints serving up outstanding italian grub. 

we’ve also been dealing with a local jeweler who doing a nice custom ring with some old stuff of ours.  plus he’ll add a new stone as well.  we go see him today to get a look at the mold and what hopefully will be the final time before he pours the gold into the mold and makes the ring.

as for the wedding itself it will be a civil ceremony either here at the county recorders office or on a trip to las vegas.  with the info we got today it looks like it’s going to be las vegas.  a mutual friend of ours made us an offer this morning, which we couldn’t refuse, of a very famous place in vegas in which to have the ceremony.  i’m talking top of the line famous and for free.  i don’t want to let it out yet as it may not happen.  as in, shit happens.  but he’s having dinner this friday with his partner, the guy who can make it happen.  so we should know by the weekend if the deal is going to go down.

yes, it’s been a pretty fast trip for us but i’ve said it before, the brown eyed girl is the love of my life and if we had met long ago we would have had a bushel basket of kids.  well, that didn’t happen.  now, we just have to make the best of it and make the rest of our lives as happy as possible.  stay tuned.



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