hank, country music and jesus

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this was written last night,  after a day of listening to the cds and an evening sipping vino. there’s a few bumps in here but you’ll get the picture.

if you’ve been paying any attention to this place you’ve noticed i’ve been listening to, ‘the un-released recordings – hank williams’, an awesome 3 cd set.  simply amazing stuff to be sure.  i thank the brown eyed girl for giving me the collection as a birthday gift.  i will always treasure your thoughtfulness.  thanks, babe.  

kids, if you love your old country music by a man that’s been screwed by the grand ole opry and the humps that wish to make him a minor footnote in country western music then this cd collection is for you.  it is also most certainly not anywhere near today’s country music crap.

hank williams, country and jesus.  a simple homage to the main simple man of country music.  that’s what this cd collection is.  i haven’t heard anything anywhere near this stuff for many a year.  old.  simple.  pure.  country.  played and sung by a bunch of drunken jesus sorta lovin’ folk just tryin’ to make a livin’.  my goodness. 

if you’d mind your own bidness you wouldn’t have time to be foolin’ with mine.  lordy.  can you?  can you, the us of a government?  sorry, that’s a drift. 

un-released old 1940’s live radio recordings mastered into only what a cd can conjure up.  yeah, i know.  vinyl is on a comeback tour.  i been there and done that and i’ll stick with a cd, thank you.  no mp3 or ipod either.  there ain’t no high or lows to be found there.  highs and lows be what this and other old country rocker blues jazz boys need and love.  hank and the band nails it on this 3 cd set.

yeah, ok.  you may not be into jesus.  fine, that’s your bidness.  however, if you love the real country pickin’, singin’ and peddle steel deal then you best get over it and hunker down with the king of country, hank williams and his, ‘the unreleased recordings – hank williams’, 3 cd set.  oh, yeah.

‘pictures from life’s other side’.  ‘searching for a soldier’s grave’.  ‘tennessee border’.  ‘on top of old smokey’.  and 50 others.  some of the best country i’ve heard in a very very long time.  trust me.  

thank you, jesus.  thank you, lord.  thank you, glimmer twins, for that country bon mot.  and more importantly, thank you hank and the band.

sweet, jesus.  TURN IT UP!!!



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    hank, country music and jesus said:
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