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Yes, I know I’ve been away for far to long but I’ve been busy.  I’m sorry for that plus I’ve been busy barfing.  My dad even calls me, Barfy, these days.  Sigh.  What can I say?  Not much I’m sure cause he’s usually the first one up in the morning and he finds my little presents then cleans them up. 

At any rate, other than my barf problems I’m very excited about my mom and dad becoming a legal eagle married couple.  Woo barfy hoo!!!  My mom’s first and only wedding and my dad’s last one.  Plus my first and only, as well.  Lucky me.  Us kitties find happy stuff where we can. 

Other than my above mentioned troubles I’ve been very happy cause of the impending wedding Las Vegas nuptials.  Only thing is I’m not invited.  Sigh.  That’s OK as I’d prolly just run and hide someplace anyways.  I’ll let dad tell you just where the special place will be.  I know where it is cause I listen to everything.  I hear mom and dad laugh about it but I haven’t a clue just what the deal is.  Plus, I can’t take that away from dad.  He’s my buddy.  He knows that cause it’s been a long time since I bit him.  Lucky him.

I’m laying here on the back of the couch and flipping my tail every now and again.  Dad isn’t here.  He’s at our other place today.  But I can hear very clearly that he’s listening to ” The Unreleased Recordings by Hank Williams “, at very high levels or else I couldn’t hear it.  For sure it’s an ditty if there ever was one.  Dad says buy it and turn it up.  Loud.  Me too.  Old country and old cats.  Sweet.  Pure Americana.

Stay tuned, my friends.  I’ll be back. 

Kwayla Kitty


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