wedding planning for the elderly pt2

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the up and coming wedding with myself and the brown eyed girl is pretty much set.  yes, indeed it’s only a matter of a few weeks away.  now, let’s catch you up a bit.

the matter of the custom ring made by a local jeweler didn’t pan out.  the guy is a flake and not a very nice one as well.  he was very rude in his dealings with the brown eyed girl and myself.  i wanted nothing more to do with him and his store.  if you’re a local and want to know who to avoid at all cost, mail me.

fortunately, the brown eyed girl found a stunning ring at another place.  those that know her say, it’s her.  the ring was purchased and we are now dealing with another local jeweler to make the wedding band.  things are going well in that regard and we are both very happy about the results and service so far. 

as for my wedding band, the brown eyed girl wanted a nice one for me.  after much discussion, she agreed to just buy me a simple silver band.  i don’t care much for rings, as i tend to play with them and then lose them.  yeah, well, i’ve lost a few over the years.  so, a very nice traditional navajo silver and turquoise wedding band was purchased for myself.  i wanted to honor the brown eyed girl’s spanish, mexican and navajo relatives.  plus, save some money in case i lose it down the road.   

we are definitely going to vegas for the wedding.  we have a nice southern minister reserved for the ceremony.  he will meet us at the site on the wedding day.  the ceremony site?  well, when it was offered, by a mutual friend, we couldn’t pass it up.  the ceremony will take place in liberace’s old mansion.  yeah, i know.  however, it’s a freebie.  and we both think it’s pretty cool.  where were you married?  liberace’s house in vegas.  hahahaha. 

our honeymoon will be a few days in vegas, on the strip, at a very nice hotel, in one of their suites.  we’ve already made a few dinner reservations at a couple of the best joints in vegas owned by world class chefs.  one of them a consistent james beard award winner.       

we have the reception place reserved for a couple of weeks after the wedding.  a very nice local italian place.  my brilliant brown eyed girl friend finally figured out how to set up and print the invites.  she also has the envelop printing figured out as well.  at least she did.  it’s been a few days since she’s worked on the stuff but it all worked out and the invites are in the mail to a few relatives and a few friends.

she’s also purchased 5 different tops for the wedding.  she can’t decide what to wear.  me?  new shorts, vaguely new flip flops and a very cool new charlie harper type shirt from hilo hattie’s.  any photos taken will be from the waist up only.  yeah, well.

things are going well and both of us are looking forward to tying the knot.  stay tuned.



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