the oregon ducks, a 2009 football season preview

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time once again for my early season preview of one of my favorite pac 10 teams, the oregon ducks.  yes, i know, basketball plods on and on in that seemingly forever never-land of it just won’t ever go away.  ever.  deal.  yes, it’s only the first glimmer of june, so why is this clown yammering about college football and the ducks?  precisely.  i love college football and the ducks in particular.  both of which, since i was 10 years old.  but that’s a digression.

regular readers know all that stuff.  they also know i did my take on the ducks last year at this time, where i predicted they would go 11-1.  sadly, that wasn’t meant to be but they did manage a very nice and close to my prediction, 9-3, for the regular season.

this year the ducks have a new coach in, chip kelly, who was their offensive co-coordinator.  mike bellotti, has stepped down or up as the case may be to the schools athletic director job.  at any rate, chip was a pretty good man to have running an offense particularly with the injury problems the ducks have had the past few years.  let’s hope his first year at the helm will be as injury free for his starters as you can get or hope for.

alright, let’s break the schedule down.  it’s a wing and a prayer time,  kids.  however, just remember i have the right to change any opinions stated here when the chips really start to fall in september.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9/03  @ boise st.  game on espn.  boise st, one of the media darling teams.  i’ve had some of that kool-aid myself at times, but i’ll tell you what, smurf blue field or not, the ducks put out the notice they are for real, once again.  ducks win.

9/12  purdue.  game on fox sports net.  the second year in a row the boilermakers get thumped by the ducks.  ducks win.

9/19  utah.  game on espn.  ok, so here’s a team from of all places, utah, who i will still sip on some of the a fore mentioned kool-aid, if given half a chance.  so, ok, who wins?  yeah, i’m doin’ that little dance here, folks.  home game home team and the six points the ducks need to pull it off.  ducks win.

9/26  california.  game on abc.  it’s probably a shame the ducks run up against a tedford cal team in september.  point being, the bears are still more than likely playing ball and will not have hit their late october early november swoon that seems to smack them every year since tedford took over.  a good team here, kids.  ducks lose.

10/3  washington st.  the cougars will not make this one easy.  another home team home win and thanks, we’ll take that home field extra 6.  ducks win.

10/10  @ ucla.  astute readers will note that the ducks have not had a week off since the beginning of the season.  well, sorta after the boise st game but that break may not really count.  plus, it’s been all home games since that game and that one was just a little jaunt across the border, so to speak.  they travel to so cal and the rose bowl for this one.  no game time set so far, though i’m thinking it will probably be a day game.  early october in these parts can be a nasty affair, not cooling off till well after sunset.  yes, the bruins have no qb.  they probably will have other problems as well.  the trouble is what i’ve already mentioned.  sorry, ducks lose.

10/24  @ washington.  finally a couple of weeks off but they hit the road again.  the two premiere new coaches in the pac 10 face off for the first time.  depending on how the huskies are playing will tell the tale and just how bad of a team was left by the guy who probably shouldn’t have been fired, ty willingham.  ok.  ducks win.

10/31  usc.  game on abc or espn.  halloweenie time.  this will be one of those rare home game losses for the ducks.  pete isn’t going to make the same traveling to oregon mistake two years in a row.  count on it.  ducks lose.         

11/7  @ stanford.  stanford, the not so under the radar not so much of an underdog anymore.  shades of jim plunkett or john elway days?  time tells.  depending on how bad the ducks get tossed around by the trojans might tell the tale.  or perhaps up for the trojans and down for the cardinal.  ducks lose.

11/14  arizona st.  cold rainy november pacific northwest.  not the place for an amped up sun devil team.  ducks win.

11/21  @ arizona.  vaguely fall summer like weather for the ducks.  day game?  forget about it.  night game?  maybe.  ducks win a squeeker.

12/3  oregon st.  thursday night.  6pm.  game on espn.  civil war on a weeknight?  go figure.  kinda hard to figure but when it’s civil war i guess the day and time really don’t matter.  once again, time will stand still for this one, my friends.  this is what college football is all about.  frazier/ali.  ali/foreman.  time to get some.  ducks get some and win.

8 and 4.  not shabby but no rose bowl bid on new years day for sure.  but then again, who knows?  we shall see.  for sure, good enough for one of those moneymaker/more practice time bowl games at the end of the year.  after all, it’s just my take on the upcoming season.  best of luck to chip kelly and his ducks.  may his reign be long and may the football gods give him better than i’ve predicted.  get some, ducks!!!



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