the usc trojans, a 2009 football season preview

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yeah, i’m at it again.  this time it’s my other favorite college football team, the trojans.  of course, i’m a pac 10 homer and a pac 10 honk as well.  plus, i’m damn proud of it.  it’s what us native california college football fans like to call our, west coast bias.  just a little something to take the edge off that east coast media bias everyone is so fond of here in california.  but that’s a major veer.

the trojans lost one of their best coaches during the off season.  steve sarkisian, who is now the head coach of the huskies up in washington.  will his leaving have any effect in the trojans?  perhaps a bit but for the most part, pete carroll, has things under control.  so things should cruise right along like they have been the past few years.  plenty of wins and either a rose bowl or national title game in the offing.  

time to break it down, kids.  rock ‘n’ roll.

9/05  san jose st.  game on fox sports net.  hopefully, the men of troy don’t take this game to easily.  sure, it’s san jose st but none the less, focus will be needed.  this is one of those games where pete is repaying a favor, debt, or some damn thing or another.  i can’t figure it out otherwise.  be that as it may, trojans win.

9/12  @ ohio st.  game on espn 5pm.  this time last year the yammering had already started on this game.  the game lived up to the hype but things didn’t work out that well, in the end, for the trojans.  this year?  the trojans go about their business and win again.

9/19  @ washington.  game on abc.  pete and steve meet in what might be a good game.  it just depends on what or who are left over from the huskies last season.  the team was pretty demoralized last year, especially towards the end.  ty willingham, was handling things well, all things considered, but the team gave up on him, the school and their own pride.  thinking, i’m not going pro so what do i care?  tragic on a few levels for sure.  i have that tidbit on good authority.  count on it.  ok, so, good game perhaps.  the trojans win.

9/26  washington st.  no tv as yet.  the cougars aren’t a pushover and another good game here.  i hope i get to watch it.  trojans win.

10/03  @ calif.  game on abc 5pm.  not an easy road trip this time in the season.  tedford still has the bears generally sorta playing well until  october/november.  crank up the barbie, pull the cork on some vino or three and hunker down.  north vs south.  good game.  trojans win a tight one.

10/17  @ notre dame.  day game on nbc.  two road trips in a row and no time off since before labor day.  a problem for the trojans?  probably not but only time will tell.  notre dame doesn’t have much of a schedule this year.  so sue me, golden domer fans.  i really don’t care.  they will probably be sporting a pretty good record when the trojans travel there.  charlie is going to need a win if he wants to get anyone other than the faithful to believe in him.  he won’t get it.  trojans win.

10/24  oregon st.  game on abc or espn 5pm.  the trojans get the beavers at home this year.  still no time off.  doesn’t matter, no tragic mistake, this time.  trojans win.

10/31  @ oregon.  game on abc or espn 5pm.  no time off.  again.  usc runs about as close as you can get to a pro offense and defense.  the defense saved them a few times last year.  the ducks offense is no match for the trojan’s defense.  trojans win.

11/07  @ arizona st.  game on abc or espn 5pm.  another road trip and still no time off.  doesn’t matter the trojans don’t lose in november.  trojans win.

11/14  stanford.  homecoming and no tv as yet.  stanford is good and getting better every year.  jim harbaugh, is recruiting some brainiacs who can play.  he’s also a good coach.  good game.  i hope i get to watch it.  you should hope you get to watch as well.  trojans win.

11/28  ucla.  game on fox sports net.  after a week off, finally, the trojans meet the bruins for lala land bragging rights.  plus it’s thanksgiving weekend.  sweet.  the southland’s version of the civil war.  doesn’t matter how bad or good either team is at the time.  the kids will play their hearts out.  count on it.  generally, one of the best games of the year.  as are all the big time college rivalry games.  trojans win.

12/05  arizona.  day game on abc.  keep it simple and on track.  trojans win.

yep, what can i say?  another year i predict the trojans will go 12-0.  they almost made it last year, only to be sidetracked by a good oregon st team, that got no respect from anyone media wise.  losing to them or anyone else won’t happen this year.  despite my crabbing about their schedule and lack of an off week till late in the season; i think it’s a good schedule and it gives them barely a month off before the big dance games come down the pike.  a good thing.  this is a national championship year for sure.  GO TROJANS!!!



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    […] the usc trojans, a 2009 football season preview « random weirdness […]

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    July 7, 2009 at 5:21 am

    […] the usc trojans, a 2009 football season preview « random weirdness […]

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