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yeah, i know, i haven’t been around these parts for a spell or two.  i’ve been busy and not spending much time here in this house.  in and out in fits and starts.  plus, not being around here has been a nice vacation as well.  spending to much time here probably isn’t a good thing.  my blathering writing?  i haven’t missed it much though there are days when i think i ought to say something about something but it’s prolly just as well i don’t say anything.  one day soon i’ll probably get back at it.  i have a few more weeks before college football starts and not having anything to do here or my other place is kinda nice.  vacations are nice.  the brown eyed girl and i are fine and doing well.   a couple of cool things on the horizon for us.  diana krall live on the 22nd being the biggy. sitting under the stars at the hollywood bowl.  alfresco dining and drinking.  music by a master.  pretty sweet.  so, in the words of the late great congressman from new york, adam clayton powell, ” keep the faith, baby. ”


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