time for some music or a break in the non-action or one for triggerman

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yeah, i’m still on vacation here in the land of the lotus eaters.  what can i say?  at any rate, you’re probably wondering why i’m here.  right?  well, i’m here to give you my simple opinion about hank3’s new cd, ‘assjack’. 

boy howdy, it kicks some ass.  sure, it’s not country by any stretch of anybodies imagination.  ok, maybe someone who still sprinkles peruvian marching powder on their weed then lights it up.  ah, breathe deep.  atom heart mother.  digressions.

just for the record, i have in the long ago past, done the above on a few occasions.  no more.  capisco?  i hope so.  i am also not advocating such use and/or behavior and/or use of any illegal substances.  period.  so please don’t get your panties all tied up in a knot.

this cd, ‘assjack’, is some serious heavy duty punk, speed metal, death metal stuff and i love it.  crank it up, kids.  the typical punker’s anthem of, ‘fuck you, motherfucker’, it doesn’t get much better.  plus a nice tight wall of sound that thumps the inner ear and child. 

i’m not sure if i’d sit in on this at a concert venue due to my advanced age and all but i’ll tell you what.  when i feel the need to piss off the neighborhood after a bottle or three of some primo dago red, ‘assjack’, will be my go to let’s piss the folks off cd.

every tune from the first to the last gets some and hits notes we all need to hit every once and a while.  my favorite being, ‘cocaine the white devil’.  or maybe, ‘no regrets’. 

at any rate, buy this cd if you like it loud.  punk rock loud.

TURN IT THE FUCK UP!!  WAY UP!!!!  hank3’s guitars want to kill your mother.

‘assjack’,  by hank3



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