2009 college football predictions week 2

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week 1 of the college season got off to an odd or strange start.  the oregon/boise st game being a sad harbinger of a possible bleak future for college ball.  at any rate, i was 6 for 10.  not too bad with two stellar picks: navy and byu.

before i get going on this week’s selections i want to weigh in on the sad ending to the oregon/boise st game last thursday night.  there can be no excuse for legarrette blount’s actions after the game.  for those of you who don’t know what i’m talking about blount cold cocked a boise st player then went more or less more berserk going after fans in the stands and had to be restrained.  one of my cousin’s said he was lucky the cops didn’t have to taze him.  yeah, it was ugly.  a sad statement on that iceberg up ahead in college football.

blount was suspended from the team for the remainder of the year.  though he got to keep his scholarship and continues to practice with the team.  now, there’s a rumor that he may end up being able to play again this year.  oofa.  i love the ducks and have for years.  i’m sickened and saddened by the schools actions behind blount’s felonious stupidity.  blount had already been suspended earlier in the year.  he should have been tossed out of school for this deal.  period.  and his scholarship given to some academic student instead.  the only way the sad slope of douche bag college athletes is going to perhaps end is if they are all dealt with a very heavy hand.  screw up and you are gone, dumb ass.  no exceptions.

take that to heart ncaa.  if you want to continue to be the second rated spectator sport in the country.  because if something is not done about the dumb ass gangster element of college football, i for one will vote with my feet and stop watching.  count on it. 

ok.  there now i feel better.  as for this weeks games it was sorta hard to come up with anything that rang any bells.  yeah, there are of course my usual faves and one or two are in a good match-up but the rest of the schedule is shaky.  just remember to leave your wallet where it belongs and no one gets hurt.  the point spreads will probably change a bit before game day.  too bad.  what is here is what i use.  these picks are just for fun and my amusement.  taking what i deal out and betting on the game is and would be very very stupid.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9/10  clemson at georgia tech.  georgia tech favored by 5 points.  i’m not real thrilled about this one.  but it’s on tv thursday night.  the brown eyed girl will be at her sculpture class.  i’ll be home alone with the cat, drinking beer, and watching the game.  pretty cool.  i hope clemson wins but i’m not that crazy.  so, take georgia tech to win and cover.

9/12  iowa at iowa st.  iowa favored by 6 points.  after last weeks squeaker against northern iowa.  iowa needs a good game here.  though this one could go either way.  take iowa to win and cover.

9/12  ucla at tennessee.  tennessee favored by 8 points.  ucla played well last week.  time to play well again against a much better team.  i hope they do.  however, take tennessee to win and cover.

9/12  purdue at oregon.  oregon favored by 12.  oregon did not play well at all last week.  if they don’t turn it around here they might end up like the huskies did last year.  and i’m not just saying that.  i have no clue just what the problem was.  but i do know things need to change.  dumping blount might help.  chip kelly needs to step up and just do it.  purdue isn’t very good.  i expect the ducks to win, cover, and score big time.  ok?   GO DUCKS!!!

9/12  notre dame at michigan.  the golden domers favored by 3.5 points.  notre dame did well last week.  so did big blue.  i’m counting on michigan to take it to the irish.  take michigan to win and cover.

9/12  air force at minnesota.  minnesota favored by 4 points.  the golden gophers played well in their opener.  this is the falcon’s first game of the year.  old time readers know i like air force because they are one of the last schools that is liable and capable of running any number of offenses and plays.  and one of the stand outs in the old wac.  favorites die hard in these parts.  take air force to at least cover and maybe even win.

9/12  usc at ohio st.  usc favored by 6.5 points.  the night game on abc.  one of the stellar match-ups since the 60’s.  simple and easy.  take usc to cover and win.  FIGHT ON USC!!!

9/12  hawaii at washington st.  hawaii favored by 2 points.  i’m surprised it isn’t more due to the fact washington st, the school, already has over 2,000 cases of swine flu.  good lord.  wash you hands with soap and water after reading this one, kids.  if the cougars can even field 11 players they might get lucky.  at any rate, take hawaii to win and cover.

9/12  stanford at wake forest.  wake forest favored by 2.5 points.  stanford is for real.  take stanford to win. 

9/12  tcu at virginia.  tcu favored by 11 points.  tcu’s defense should be back.  take tcu to win and cover.

that’s it for this week.  don’t be stupid.  simple easy.



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