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the brown eyed girl and were on the road labor day heading to a relatives house for a bbq.  it was a nice day.  no triple digit temps like we’ve had for the past couple of weeks.  all in all it was a fairly decent drive to and from the bbq.  but that ain’t why i’m here. 

several years ago the late great state of california passed a law banning cell phone use while driving.  it’s like a couple hundred dollar fine for driving and using one.  that is if they catch you or feel like messing with you considering there’s more stupid people out there doing even dumber stuff.  however, most folks on a cell phone and driving can barely drive.  if they ever could.  drive that is.

now don’t laugh, but this past year the state has also passed a new law that bans texting while driving.  yeah, whoda thunk you’d even need to pass a law like that?  i mean come on!!!  well, yeah, there’s now that law but there’s still dumb fucks out there texting and driving down the freeway at 70 miles per.  i see them all the time.  yesterday in particular.

to backtrack a step or two, our wonderfully delusional federal government is just to the point of considering, just considering mind you, that any state that doesn’t ban texting while driving would lose federal highway funds.  is that even something you need to consider?  how about just doing it for christ’s sake!  or for maybe your life’s sake.

at any rate, i see these dumb ass stupid folks all the time texting away while driving.  they are usually the ones that can’t seem to stay in their lane or are swerving between the lines if they can actually stay in their lane.  sure, there’s lots of drunks out there but they are just a drop in the bucket compared to driving a car and using a cell phone plus texting douche bags.

something sorta came to the two of us at the same time labor day.  an invention was needed to help curtail these dumb ass folks.  granted, most of them are kids but there are a number of older and supposedly wiser folks doing it as well.  we need an invention that would stop the madness.  stop it right in it’s tracks.

before i tell you our idea all i want out of the deal is if someone can come up with the hardware to do it would be a few freebies of the invention.  ok?  if one does eventually come out i’m gonna find you and get a few of them.  a few of them for free.  capisco? 

we all know the cops are too busy dealing with other shit.  however, when one of the texting morons gets in an accident it screws things up for all of us on way too many levels.  sooooooo…what is needed is a small electronic device.  a hand held thingy. 

say you are driving down the interstate or just going to score a half gallon of milk.  you see some moron using his or her cell phone or worse yet, bleeding texting and driving.  there are for sure no cops around.  if they were they prolly wouldn’t do anything anyway.  that’s where this new device and you would come in very very handy.

you would just need to point the device at the offender push a button and their cell phone would die.  forever.  it would never work again as the circuitry would be fried.  with no way to repair it.  simple easy.

on an other note, the device could prolly also be made to work on the ass holes who run read lights.  no cop around to write them up?  just point the device at the car and the car would slowly and safely pull over to the side of the road and can’t be started again until the offender has signed his or her ticket.  ah, pure bliss.  though that aspect of the device could lead to problems and abusers of the device.  but i think it could be worked out.  right?

i know there’s somebody out there reading this who could come up with that device or knows someone who can make it happen.  just do it.  the life you save just might be yours.



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