thunderstorms and neon signs or a pox on me(?)

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the brown eyed girl and i will be leaving on a 10 day or so road trip early next week.  that is unless my current bout with shingles takes a turn for the worse.  the shingles came on last thursday night.  i thought i’d been bitten by a spider.  no such luck.  i’m on the steroids and i’m starting to look like the guvernator in his old days.  yeah, right.  plus i’m taking the usual other stuff so hopefully things will be ok and the trip will go down.   

i’m using the title of an old hank III tune here as the title for this blog as i think the song is a great road tune.  this trip more than likely won’t be one of my usual fear and loathing road runs.  at least that isn’t the plan.  though if i’m lucky i’ll have one of those in a few months.  veering here.

at any rate, we’ll be traveling around the southwest.  with stops at sedona, the grand canyon, elephant butte, santa fe, albuquerque, and flagstaff.  not necessarily in that order but sorta and maybe taos as well.  we are both looking forward to the trip. 

the brown eyed girl has relatives in a few of the stops so it will be cool meeting my new kinfolk and seeing a few again that i’ve already met.  plus, some spectacular scenery as well.  with any luck we should have a number of nice photos to share with you when we get back.

if any of you have any suggestions regarding things to see in any of those spots feel free to send them along.  we would appreciate it.  also, if you have some cool places for a bite to eat they would be appreciated too.  we’ve got things to do and see but more options are always welcome.

a sedona, az sunset.  something i hope we see on a daily basis.




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