2009 college football predictions week 4

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after the previous weeks fiasco this past weekends picks were pretty good, as i went 7 for 10 and 16 for 30 overall.  things are looking up.  of course, the trojans sadly lost.  more on that in this weeks picks.  just a reminder kids, this is for fun only.  taking what i deal out here to your local bookie or las vegas would be fool hardy at best.  actually, it would be stupid.  yes, well, these days stupidity seems to reign.  be that as it may.

rock ‘n’ roll.

9/24  mississippi at s. carolina.  ole miss favored by 3 points.  a tight game and pretty much may as well be a toss up.  mississippi used to be one of my faves when i was feeling it back in the day when i was stupid enough to actually throw money down on this stuff.  two good coaches and it should be a good game.  take mississippi to win and cover.

9/26  san diego st at air force.  air force favored by 16.5 points.  yes, indeed more also rans in the wac and mountain west.  but i don’t care.  air force is another one of my teams.  what can i say?  take the falcons to cover and win.

9/26  arkansas at alabama.  bama favored by 15.5 points.  an interstate rivalry game of epic proportions.  forget whatever slick willie says about the game and take bama to cover and win.  ROLL TIDE!!!    

9/26  california at oregon.  cal favored by 6 points.  i was about ready to count the ducks down and out for the season.  however, after last weeks game i’m not so sure anymore.  california is for real but it’s early and their late october into november swan dive isn’t due for a few more weeks.  of course, that remains to be seen.  but history…  the game.  we have the craziness of a duck home crowd cranked up on a variation of west nile virus and rabies.  if cal can manage to overcome that they might pull it off.  i love the ducks so take them to at least cover the points and maybe even win.  one of the best games of the week.  GO DUCKS!!!!!!  QUACK!!

9/26  washington at stanford.  stanford favored by 7 points.  will there be a let down after the huskies big game win over the trojans?  i don’t think so.  the huskies seem to be for real and stanford is catching them a week to late.  ah, perhaps.  no bandwagon jumping as yet.  the sleeper game of the week.  take stanford to win and cover.   

9/26  louisville at utah.  utah favored by 13 points.  utah needs to, hopefully, bounce back after last week at oregon.  can they?  how badly do they want a big time end of the year big dance game?  go get em, utes.  take utah to win and cover.

9/26  notre dame at purdue.  notre dame favored by 7.5 points.  not much faith in the golden domers this week against a hapless purdue team.  no one is sold on the domers and charlie this year.  me either.  i’ll probably rue this decision come saturday afternoon but take notre dame to cover and win.  crap.

9/26  iowa at penn st.  penn st favored by 10 points.  one of the few decent teams joe pa and the boys play this season.  joe pa is going the way of boise st this year.  a chump schedule for the most part.  if there is a donald duck or donald trump the hawk-eyes kick some joe pa butt for his cupcake schedule.  take iowa to win or at least make it close.

9/26  washington st at usc.  usc favored by 44 points.  say what?  oofa.  even if the freshman comes back they aren’t gonna win by 44.  if he doesn’t and that other kid goes again forget about it.  it’s no wonder he lost the job to the freshman.  he’s not very good.  sark and the rest of the old trojan coaching crew took coach pete to the cleaners last weekend.  i knew it was over when pete had that look in his eye.  a look not unlike my 95 year old mom’s look when she isn’t quite sure just where she is or just what’s going on.  pete gets that same look on occasion.  he had it last year at oregon st and he gets it now and again in some games but he usually comes out of it.  not last week.  he was the deer in sark’s headlights.  road kill.  it also goes to show that you can’t lose a good part of your staff to one school.  they know you and will own you.  the cougars might not be that good this year.  though they have a very good coach.  another rueful decision?  take washington st to get inside that 44 point spread.

9/26  new mexico st at new mexico.  new mexico favored by 9.5 points.  bragging rights for the land of enchantment.  take the university of new mexico lobos to win and cover.      

there ya go, kids.  this weeks picks and some potential great games.  enjoy them.  leave your wallet in your pocket and things will go just fine.  pop a brew or two and heat up the barbie.  watch games till your better half gets fed up say like around 8pm(pst) saturday night.  or maybe like 6:30pm.  yeah, well.  roll while you can.  me too.

the weekend of october the 3rd i’ll be on a road trip into new mexico with the brown eyed girl.  i’m not sure what i’ll have for that week but i should have something, probably on monday the 28th.  as for the week of the 10th, this spot will be vacant.  deal with it on your own.  i’ll be in flagstaff.



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