2009 college football predictions week 5

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i know it’s a bit early but the road is calling and I’m going on it this coming week.  not a bad week for me last week.  i went 6 for 10.  a couple of surprises for me but i did get the ducks, usc and joe pa right.  need i say more?  my over all for the year is now 22 for 40.  ok but nothing stellar. 

since I’m heading out this weeks picks will not include the point spreads.  it’s way too early for that, even for me.  so, I’m just picking winners for this weeks games.  no points involved.  winners only.  even with that, taking what i’m dealing out to a bookie or vegas would be stupid at best.  don’t do it.  leave your money in your wallet.  ok?

there will be no picks here for week six.  you are on your own.  i’ll be on vacation.

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/2  utah st at byu.  might be a good game.  utah bragging rights of a sort.  if byu lets down a notch or two they could end up like new mexico did last saturday.  it is never easy.  however, take byu to win.

10/3  florida st at boston college.  one of those old rivalry games out of the past.  for old times sake i’m going with boston college who seems to finally be playing some ball.  take boston college to win.

10/3  alabama at kentucky.  this should be another sorta easy win for the tide.  but like i said nothing is ever easy.  take bama to win.  roll tide!!!

10/3  washington at notre dame.  this might be a good game.  washington i’m sure will fall out of the top 25.  notre dame might be in it this week but probably not.  as no one is impressed.  there’s a national radio sport talk show host who predicted, before the season, the irish would win the national championship this year.  yeah, he was on a acid and china white high at the time.  that was never going to happen.  washington is pretty good.  as good as the golden domers and they have a better qb.  take washington to win.

10/3  lsu at georgia.  take lsu to win.

10/3  oklahoma at miami florida.  miami went down last saturday.  they will go down again this week.  take oklahoma to win.

10/3  michigan at michigan st.  probably a good game.  to bad it’s not in the big house.  take michigan to win.

10/3  washington st at oregon.  the ducks blew out the bears last week.  an amazing show of offense and defense.  just amazing, lads.  they might be on the comeback trail.  stay focused.  take the ducks to win.  go ducks!!! QUACK  QUACK!!

10/3  ucla at stanford.  no brainer here.  norm chow, not with standing.  take stanford to win.               

10/3  usc at california.  maybe the best game of the week.  cal was embarrassed by the ducks.  best is now more than likely out of the heisman hunt.  the trojans not that impressive at home over washington st.  both schools need to step up.  take usc to win.  FIGHT ON!!!

pretty simple stuff here as i need to start packing.  plus, tiger tees it up in a bit as well.  remember, nothing here for week 6.  have some fun watching the games and i’ll see you again in a couple of weeks with my week 7 predictions. 



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