2009 college football predictions week 7

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the road trip thru the southwest is over and i’m back.  for those of you that care some fairly spectacular photos of said trip will be posted up here probably by tomorrow morning.  but that’s not why i’m here.  this is all about college football the best sport in the country.

ok.  so my last picks were for week 5.  i went 6 for 10 on those games. giving me 28 for 50 overall.  nothing to get excited about but none the less not shabby either.  just remember this is for fun and betting on my so called wisdom would be insanity at best.  leave your wallet in your pocket and nobody gets hurt.  also, i go by the odds you see here.  they may change over the week but unless it’s a huge change i really don’t care, as the odds here are what i go by to determine my wins and loses. 

rock ‘n’ roll.

10/14  boise st at tulsa.  boise st favored by 10 points.  the blue turf smurf team finally gets an opponent that just might give then a good game.  too bad the ducks game was their first for both schools this year.  if it were played today we’d have a different outcome to be sure.  count on it.  but that’s water under the bridge.  what i want to know is just how boise st can be considered for a national championship when they play teams like: bowling green and u c davis.  at any rate, i’m taking tulsa to beat the spread and maybe even win.  and hopefully when the dreaded computer kicks in for the bcs rankings we see some justice here.

10/17  oklahoma at texas.  texas favored by 3.5 points.  one of the best games of the weekend.  take the sooners to cover and or win.

10/17  iowa at wisconsin.  wisconsin favored by 3 points.  i just don’t see this one at all.  sure, it’s a badger home game.  sure, they are doing well.  sure.  take the hawkeyes to cover or win.

10/17  usc at notre dame.  usc favored by 10 points.  the golden domers broke into the top 25 after last weeks win.  yawn.  they will drop out after this game.  take usc to win and cover.  one of the best going this weekend.  FIGHT ON!!!!

10/17  texas tech at nebraska.  nebraska favored by 10.5 points.  as usual i have to go with my sorta alma mater texas tech.  take the red raiders to get inside the spread at the very least and hopefully win.  also, be sure and visit: http//www.vietnam.ttu.edu/

10/17  california at ucla.  california favored by 3.5 points.  despite the bruins lose to the ducks last week i think they are doing pretty well for a team that just can’t find a quarterback.  though coach rick says he is sticking with somebody or another.  probably.  maybe.  at any rate, the bears hit the loss column early this year and if history is any example they won’t do much better the rest of the season.  if the bruins can stop best they have more than a chance to win this one.  take ucla.

10/17  arkansas at florida.  florida favored by 24.5 points.  boy howdy.  it’s a gift.  take arkansas to get inside that spread.  and it would not surprise me if they even win the game.

10/17  virginia tech at georgia tech.  virgina tech favored by 3 points.  another of those semi sorta toss ups.  take georgia tech to win or cover.

10/17  s. carolina at alabama.  bama favored by 17.  this one could be a sleeper.  no, not in that sense.  the gamecocks might maybe just have a plan.  or something.  one of the best games this week.  a bunch of points but no matter if the tide comes to play.  take bama to win and cover.  ROLL TIDE!!!

10/ 17  washington at arizona st.  arizona st favored by 7 points.  so far the southwest has been very cool by usual standards this fall.  we are even supposed to get a good dose of rain tonight and tomorrow.  but by friday back to the 90’s here in socal.  so, maybe just maybe, the huskies get a break in the weather and get another win.  take the huskies and the outside shot at cool temps on game day.  yes, i know.  i just right em.  i don’t explain em.

another fine weekend of college football coming up.  enjoy it while it lasts.  the interminable seasons of hockey and basketball are coming back.  baseball probably won’t have a world series champ by thanksgiving.  my point?  thank god for college football.



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