2009 college football predictions week 12

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only 3 weeks left in the regular college football season.  it’s become push come to shove time.  for me and for the teams.  a dark weekend last time around for me.  a sad dismal 5 for 10.  making me 55 for 100 having taken week 6 off.  still over .500 but i should be doing better. 

just remember that taking anything i say here and using to parlay the rent money into that fear and loathing trip of a lifetime to vegas would be stupid on the best of days.  i’m early again this week due to my schedule and life.  the odds are early stuff and will no doubt change.  however, what is here is what i will go by to determine my win loss for the weekend.  i’ll be early next week as well.  my schedule, life, and thanksgiving.

rock ‘n’ roll.

11/21  ohio st at michigan.  ohio st favored by 12 points.  the buckeyes are going rose bowling.  good for them.  though i have no idea what happens to that if michigan wins.  which a long shot due to the way they are playing this year.  12 points might be a lot here but since this is just for fun.  take ohio st to win and cover.

11/21  minnesota at iowa.  iowa favored by 9.5 points.  if minnesota had kept on playing like earlier in the year this one would have been a very interesting game indeed.  the same could be said for iowa as well.  iowa needs to win this one if only to show they can and still care.  it’s a matter of heart here.  plus,  we’ll see just what kind of coach they really have.  take iowa to win and cover.

11/12  connecticut at notre dame.  notre dame favored by 6 points.  the domers just can’t get it done this year.  neither can charlie.  though the deal is charlie probably won’t be going anywhere.  sadly.  if they fire charlie notre dame needs to cough up $18 million to buy him out.  a hefty price tag to get rid of a guy.  though regis philban could probably come up with that with what is stuck under his sofa cushions.  maybe.  just maybe some of the other schools will pay attention to this scenario and not get stupid with their money and a football coach who hasn’t proved himself.  one season is not proving yourself, golden domer money boys.  at any rate, connecticut has a shot at this one.  i figure they will have the lead at the half.  if they don’t get lazy and sloppy like pitt did last week the should cover the spread and maybe win.  take u conn.

11/21  penn st at michigan st.  penn st favored by 3.5 points.  a good game here kids.  maybe one of the best this weekend.  michigan st is playing some good football.  penn st is, well, penn st.  take michigan st to cover or even win.

11/21  arizona at ucla.  ucla favored by 5 points.  well well well.  amazing as it seems perhaps slick rick is turning around the moribund bruins.  fine by me.  it’s good for the pac 10 and college ball in general.  plus, maybe norm chow is a genius after all.  the bruins ran all over washington st last week.  this one is a tune up for the 11/28 trojan game.  (plenty on that next time around)  bruin faithful should rival duck faithful for insanity and noise.  it’s been a while for them.  tourist note.  stay a way from pasadena this saturday or allow for big time delays in getting anywhere near downtown.  take the bruins to win and cover.

11/21  california at stanford.  stanford favored by 7 points.  like i’ve been saying.  stanford is a good team.  stanford has a good coach.  and now, amazingly the defense has sprouted wings.  goood for them.  and it’s good for the pac 10.  though the 2 point conversion last week against the trojans was bush league.  however.  rank this one up there with a game of the week.  stanford is running on all cylinders.  no pings at all.  forget about it.  take stanford to win and cover.

11/21  lsu at mississippi.  ole miss favored by 3.  yep, at least.  take missisippi to win and cover.

11/21  air force at byu.  byu favored by 8 points.  two of the old run and gun schools of the late and sadly gone wac configuration.  i hope i get to see this one, kids.  air force should hold it’s own but take byu to win and cover.

11/21  oklahoma at texas tech.  oklahoma favored by 5 points.  not many points.  i like the red raiders at home.  take them to win and or cover the spread.  and as always be sure to visit my sorta alma mater:  http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/      

11/21  oregon at arizona.  oregon favored by 5 points.  not many points here as well.  sadly, blount has been reinstated for the ducks.  of course, they didn’t consult me before hand.  hopefully, he can avoid any major or minor felonies before and during the game.  if he does so the ducks will win and cover.  QUACK QUACK!!!

there ya go week 12 picks.  leave your money in your wallet and your wallet with the mrs and nobody gets hurt.  enjoy em while you can.  3 weeks left of the greatest game on the planet.  college football.




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