2009 college bowl picks

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bowl season again for us college football fans.  yeah, i know i told all of you guys last week not to watch any of the bowl games.  well, that’s pretty much like telling a 2 year old to stop being such a cry baby.  you are gonna watch regardless.  and to a certain extent i’m gonna watch a few of the games myself.  maybe.

the thing is the bowls come to long after the season is over.  most of the players are back to smoking crack and robbing liquor stores in their spare time.  that stuff would be happening on a good day.  a really bad day?  perhaps we shouldn’t even go there.

plus the fact most of the bowl games are useless other than the fact the teams get 15 more practice sessions before their respective games.  not a bad thing i guess.  plus all the money the schools get.  on and on and on.  just remember, if you really want to change the system–STOP WATCHING THESE USELESS BOWL GAMES!!!!  no sane amerikan wants the federal government sticking their nose into this mess.  we are the fans.  we should have some say.  not them.  screw them as a matter of fact but that’s for another time. 

i’m not going to run down the entire bowl line-up.  i’m just doing the games that i have some sort of interest in watching.  maybe.  there are point spreads for these games but i’m not using them.  i’ll mention the favorite and pick a winner.  betting on bowl games is even dumber than betting on the regular season games.

i shouldn’t tell you this but the last college football bet i made was on a 3 pick bowl game deal a number of years ago at a casino in nevada.  a friend and i split the bet.  we won and picked up a nice chunk of change to split after expenses.  you on the other hand should not try it.  taking what i deal out here and using to bet on the games is utter stupidity and insanity.  leave your wallet in your pocket and nobody gets hurt.  this is for fun only.

rock ‘n’ roll.

12/22  las vegas bowl.  oregon st and byu.  oregon st a slim favorite.  byu goes to this bowl every year.  their fans just have to cross the border and they are there and they come in droves.  to gamble and drink.  so much for religion.  yes, i know.  not all of em.  this should be a good game.  hopefully both teams show up and are ready to play.  i figure the beavs will be ready.  if you haven’t seen the brothers rodgers kick out the jams you should watch this one.  and take oregon st to win.

12/23  poinsettia bowl, san diego.  california and utah.  cal a slim favorite.  san diego in the winter is pretty cool.  a nice place to visit.  if you enjoy crowds.  can tedford get the boys up for this one?  because utah will be ready to play.  good game.  take utah to win.

12/24  hawaii bowl, hawaii.  nevada and smu.  nevada the favorite.  hmmm.  interesting that.  this is june jones coming back to the place where he had a number of great years coaching hawaii.  he has the mustangs back in the hunt once again.  take smu to win.

12/26  emerald bowl, san francisco.  usc and boston college.  usc the favorite.  a step down for the usual trojan bowl season.  however, the city is always a nice place to visit and hang out.  if pete brings the boys ready to play then it should be an easy win.  however, that hasn’t been the case the second half of the season for the trojans.  boston college can play.  good game and it will be fun watching coach pete try and stay warm at candlestick in december.  take the trojans to win.  FIGHT ON!!!

12/29  eagle bank bowl, washington.  ucla and temple.  i’m not sure just which washington they are talking about here.  doesn’t matter.  the interesting thing is temple and bowl being used in the same sentence.  welcome to college football, temple owls.  ucla is a slim favorite.  take temple to win.  come on it’s their first bowl ever.  probably.

12/30  holiday bowl, san diego.  arizona and nebraska.  arizona a slim favorite.  san diego is the center piece once again.  take arizona to win.

12/31  sun bowl, el paso.  oklahoma and stanford.  oklahoma favored.  the heisman runner-up may or may not play with his usual gusto due to wanting to turn pro.  i can’t blame him.  maybe a good game.  take oklahoma to win.

1/1    THE rose bowl, pasadena.  oregon and ohio st.  oregon a slim favorite.  run and gun vs a 1960’s offense.  however, ohio st has a damn fine defense.  a good game.  take oregon to win.  QUACK!!! QUACK!!!

1/2    alamo bowl, san antone.  texas tech and michigan st.  texas tech favored.  could be a good game.  as usual i have to go with my semi alma mater, texas tech to win.  and be sure to visit: http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/

1/4    fiesta bowl, arizona.  tcu and boise st.  tcu favored.  two pretty good undefeated teams going at each other once again in a bowl game.  a match-up i wanted to see but nobody else did.  until there is a play off it will always and as it should be in boise’s regard: yeah, but look who they played.  take tcu to win.

1/5    orange bowl, miami.  georgia tech and iowa.  georgia tech a slim favorite.  i seriously doubt i’ll even watch this one.  take iowa to win.

1/7    bcs championship, pasadena.  alabama and texas.  bama a slim favorite.  the pasadena chamber of commerce is in a tizzy this year.  dreams of mucho dinero run all thru their heads.  cash and coin falling into city coffers.  tell you what, pasadena.  don’t count the money yet.  you can prolly count on the tools up in sacramento stealing that money so they can set fire to it and roast some marshmallows.  that you can count on.  at this point in the bowl season i’ve had enough long before this one trots out.  i’m not gonna watch it.  you shouldn’t either.  make a statement to the tools in the conferences and the deans of all the div1 schools.  we’ve had enough.  we want playoffs.  TURN OFF YOUR TV ON THE EVENING OF JAN THE 7TH.  pick who you want.  i don’t care.

that’s it kids.  the usual sad coda to the college football season.  so now we sit and stew until the first week of september when the sweet short season is here once again.  is it september yet?!?!?



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