2009 college bowl wrap-up

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yes, there are still a few games left in this bowl season.  however, i’m done.  hence, the wrap-up.  the sad state of the pac-10’s play in the bowl games has nothing to do with it.  i have been promoting non-watching these bowl games any the ways.  shame on you for watching.  shame on me for watching a couple of them as well. 

the most shame coming from yesterdays rose bowl lose by my beloved ducks.  they had a chance to sorta make a statement for the pac-10 and came up short.  well, so did the cal bears, the stanford trees, and the oregon st beavers for that matter.  what happened?

no player motivation and no motivational coaching are probably the answers.  plus these games come too long after the regular season.  players have other things on their minds.  things like, free suvs, crack pipes, armed robbery, no show jobs, rape, free rent for mom and dad, and assorted other felonies and misdemeanors.  plus the coaches that keep a blind eye on such behavior.  and then wonder why they can’t motivate the team.

yes, of course i’m a bit over the top on that stuff.  but am i really that much over the top?  i don’t think so.  anyways, that’s not why i’m here. 

i’m here, once again, to remind you not to watch the rest of the bowl games.  yeah, ok.  i confess.  i may watch a bit of the tcu boise game.  and yes, i love bama.  i have since i was a kid.  just like the ducks.  but i’m not watching that game.  and neither should you.

the point being we need playoffs.  and a very strange thing has happened in that regard.  i’m not sure why just yet, though i may figure it out eventually.  there are some in the media who have long been advocates of a playoff system.  now some of those same folks are against a playoff system.  say what?  maybe they got their hands on some of that money being tossed around this time of year.  i don’t know.

at any rate, they are now saying no to playoffs because as it stands now every game counts.  if there is a playoff the regular season won’t matter.  we the fans won’t watch regular season games anymore.  they will become meaningless.  those guys now sound like politicians.  they think we are stupid.  just like the pols think we are stupid.

media types site college basketball as an example.  no one watches the games until march madness and the big dance.  the same thing would happen with college football.  we can’t weaken the regular season.  tell you what.  nobody watches college basketball until march because the damn season is six months long!  it starts sometime in october and goes till the end of february.  the only folks watching the whole deal on a regular basis are mom and dad and degenerate gamblers.  and the gamblers are only watching the last three minutes of the game!  

college football is only three short months.  one game a week for everybody.  not several like basketball.  the media anointed think we the fans won’t watch those 12 games if a playoff system is put into place.  i say, we the fans will watch the regular season because we love college football and we are salivating for a playoff system.  the media don’t know what they are talking about.  i say screw em.  we don’t need them when they come up with some good playoff ideas then do an about face and say, no to playoffs.  i don’t get it.

what i do get is we need playoffs and we need to stop watching these bowl games or playoffs will never happen.  and we need to stop listening to the anointed media hypers who tell us they know more than we do.  tell us one thing then tell us another.  just like the tools in washington.  screw em both.



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