something to ponder while waiting for the other shoe to drop(?)

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i took my ride to the toyota dealer the other day.  it was time for some scheduled maintenance and then there’s that ‘problem’ toyota is having which needed to be addressed as well.  toyota has said any number of things about the ‘problem’.  a problem which has lots of us folks wondering if the car we are riding in will be worth anything at all down the road.  the safety issue doesn’t concern me that much.  one, i know what to do.  i knew that before toyota started yammering about what to do if the deal went down.  two, given the number of their cars on the road and the number of times it’s occurred the odds are slim.  and in my favor, well, so far, that anything is going to happen to me in particular.  yeah, so far.

at any rate, the dealership i go to is owned by former football great, john elway.  whenever i go there i’m always hoping it will be one of the days he’s actually at the place.  i mean he has a parking spot out front with his name on it and the workers do say he does show up on occasion.  i figure we could toss the old pigskin around out on the lawn or something.  i could run a few patterns.  well, make that sorta walk/run a few patterns and he could fire the pigskin at me.  hopefully, not disabling me in the process.  ah, dreams.  and i’m drifting.

the place was busier than i’ve ever seen it.  folks and cars stacked up everywhere.  i’m sure that’s probably the scene at most toyota dealers all over the world.  a madhouse.  i had an appointment so things weren’t too bad, though the whole deal took much longer than usual.  it gave me time to think about stuff while i read a bit and people watched.  i was thinking, what if…

the tiny village was quiet except for the sound of the crackling fire.  the smell of fatty lamb hung in the air as the platoon of green berets made their way out of the ville and on to the next.  two men standing in a doorway smiled slightly as the soldiers moved further into the distance.  once the troops were out of sight they moved back inside the hut and sat by the fire.

the americans are stupid.

yes, but we’ve always known that.

hand me the knife, i’m still hungry.

they were quiet as they started to eat again.  the whole village remained quiet.  their two guests were very important people and the villagers didn’t want to disturb them in any way.  the men began talking again.

our plan is working.  soon the others will follow.

we learned much from the north vietnamese.  americans, as well as the rest of the world, have no patience.  we have patience.  and we have true believers on our side.  believers who will do anything to make allah the one and only true god.

all praise to allah.

your plan to infiltrate capitalist corporations was brilliant and is working even better than expected.

yes, it took time but time is on our side.  time and allah.

all praise to allah.

you know, my brother, when i first thought of it i couldn’t imagine that it was going to be this successful.  i mean, a simple plan is always the best.  several engineers in several different jobs in some of the biggest capitalist corporations in the world.  a simple thing, several small glitches programed into and buried inside electronics and computers that are almost impossible to find.  glitches that are beginning to bring down the auto giant toyota.  soon, others will follow.

god is great.  all praise to allah.

yeah, strange thoughts while sitting and waiting at my local toyota dealership.



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