just another road trip

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the time has come for another road trip.  lord knows i need one after the past month or so of dealing with way too much reality.  dad is squared away for the time being and whatever leftover stuff from mom’s passing can wait a week.  the important stuff has already gone down.

on a drift, i have to say that at least dealing with social security wasn’t so bad.   really.  of course, the bullshit button pushing at the start of the call is pretty much stupid and a waste of time.  but once you get someone to actually speak with things are or went ok. well, so far.  on the other hand, dealing with the california public employees retirement system was like, you must be kidding, right?  that process just goes to show you and affirm the obvious, the late great state of california is in even bigger trouble than anyone thinks.

any the ways, i’m in my pre-trip angsty mode.  the waiting is the hardest part.  it always is or at least for me it is.  i need to be behind the wheel heading out on the highway.  as usual this trip is up to the central valley and my heart of darkness.  long days and nights of drink and bbq or homemade italian stuff.  dago red consumed by the case.  all manner of meat protein charred on the grill.  arcane old italian recipes made famous by dead relatives still live and breathe new life, by at times, unsure hands.

by next weekend, food and drink will have already taken a heavy toll on our old bodies. but then it’s time to get weird time.  and like hunter thompson used to say, ‘when the going gets weird.  the weird turn pro.’  we will turn pro and head up into the sierras and 3 days of dark madness.

i need this trip.  more so than ever before.  the brown eyed girl knows this.  i know this. the hammer must come down on sanity and real life drama.  the 11 year old boy mentality needs to come kicking and screaming to the forefront bashing the straight and normal world to pieces.  ah, yes.  breathe deep.  suck in atom heart mother.  insanity is only skin deep.  let loose it’s reign.

see you on the flip side.



2 thoughts on “just another road trip

    ozarkmossman said:
    February 22, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    Enjoy, old son, enjoy!

    johnhauge responded:
    February 23, 2010 at 2:52 am

    thanks, man. i shall.

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