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the brown eyed girl and i finally got around to watching ‘crazy heart’ yesterday in the privacy of our living room.  a good thing to be sure as most of the time i’m like i want to see that movie.  maybe.  but the thought of going to a movie theater anymore doesn’t rank very high on my list.  some one we know gave us a dvd copy to watch.  one of those academy for your consideration deals.  actually, no, that isn’t true.  we found a dvd copy of the movie in the parking lot out front of this taco joint we favor here in cuca.  a find to be sure.  and we were very lucky the find didn’t screw up our dvd player.
i’m glad i finally got to see the movie.  jeff bridges was outstanding and i enjoyed the story as well. plus the music was pretty damn good too.  maybe one day i’ll find a cd copy of the soundtrack at the car wash or some other place.  that would be cool.  finding good music just laying around like a good movie is always a plus.
about the only problem i had with the movie is jeff bridges always seems to be drinking but the bottle really doesn’t seem to ever be more than 3/4’s empty.  he’s broke so it isn’t like he could go score more booze at some point off camera.  then there’s the fact he’s barfing like hank chinansky half the time.  fine.  though jeff’s character is a lightweight compared to hank chinansky.  just sayin’.  a minor point but one i felt needed to be made.
if you haven’t seen the movie ‘crazy heart’ make it a point to do so.  you’ll be glad you did.  as a matter of fact i’m looking forward to seeing it again someday.

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    david said:
    March 11, 2010 at 2:49 am

    Just stopping by and paying my props to another music blogger who writes about great bands like this one.

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